To Mel And Back: Part Deux


The Echo Chamber podcast.

Hosts Tony Groves (top left) and Martin McMahon (right) present part two of their interview with architect Mel Reynolds (centre).

Martin writes:

In part one Mel broke down why the private developer market cannot build affordable homes and how the state could.

In this next part we discuss:Why the moral hazard argument is cutting off your nose to spite your face; How the Rent Pressure Zones have helped create an upwards only rental market and why the most optimistic scenario for the Buy to Let repossessions could see a trebling of homelessness.

Finally, Mel gives us 3 relatively cheap and effective solutions that could start to turn the tide. These ideas are so sensible and make so much financial sense that it is a wonder our government haven’t addressed them already.

Mel Reynolds interview Part 1

The Echo Chamber

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