27 thoughts on “Bay As You Go

  1. Mysterybeat

    Meh. Those are only a courtesy with no legal backing.
    Come back when they’re parked in a disabled space or a cycle lane.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Parent and child spaces are a courtesy with no legal standing here, unlike blue spaces which are. So poor Iseult and Oscar will have to walk a bit further back to the Range Rover… so what!

    1. Rep

      They have more space at the side of them which allows the parent to take the child out of the baby seat easier so they are usually better for parents rather then just being nearer to the shop. Not that you care since this seems to just an excuse to engage in small-minded reverse snobbish sneering.

    2. Cian

      Do blue spaces have legal standing when they are on private property? for example in Dunnes carpark?

      1. Cian

        Answering my own questions: No.

        “Private car park operators are responsible for policing the use of designated disabled parking bays in their own car parks and cars parked illegally in these bays may be clamped. Fees for release will vary depending on the operator. Gardai and traffic wardens will not issue tickets for cars illegally parked in disabled parking spaces in a private car park.

  3. Malta

    Maybe, just maybe, the point here is the lack of “courtesy” from the guards in question?

    Why are you all so anti-parent?

    1. Rob_G

      I think people are saying that unless Rose was stopping off to solve crimes, there is a possibility that the Gardaí’s need was greater than hers

  4. Catherine costelloe

    Perhaps they were responding to a violent shoplifter, a serious accident, a person having a heart attack.
    Or maybe doughnuts.

  5. postmanpat

    It’s not a parent and child spot, it’s a person who must be wearing a dress and child who cant walk yet spot. I always keep a spare dress and child in the car just incase.

  6. Andrew

    Were they down at the deli-counter getting sausage rolls? I’ll bet they were. They do feck all else.
    As for taking a ‘parent and child’ spot; meh.

    1. The Old Boy

      Why is it that any ordinary citizen can spend an hour in the course of his working day going to a deli counter and horsing into sausage rolls if he sees fit, but when a garda does it is worthy of comment as he clearly does “feck all else?”

      1. ahjayzis

        Because the Garda Siochana have systematically ruined their reputation, shredded any public trust in them and are frequently shown to be incompetent, indolent, corrupt and / or ignorant?

        1. The Old Boy

          The point I ought to have made after that was, of course, that there are plenty of valid criticisms of the Gardaí to be made and I always find this particular invalid one to be facile and irksome.

  7. Jonner

    extra room is also convenient if you have a 3 door car and need more space to open the door fully when letting back seat passengers out

    1. Cian

      extra room is also convenient if you have arrested someone and need more space to open the back door fully when getting them in.
      (or the front door for yourself if you’ve just eaten a feast of sausage rolls/donuts)

  8. Kathy Tymon

    Why is the vehicle registration plate obscured. It’s an official Garda vehicle, it’s not exactly unmarked let’s be honest.

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