A Seismic Stroke?


Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin

“If I’m asked my opinion during the campaign, I’ll give it, but I don’t see myself campaigning,” Martin told The Sunday Times. “I think it will be a different type of campaign. Given the personal nature of the issue, I’m not sure people will want to take direction from politicians. The referendum commission is going to be an important source of information.”

Martin clarified his intentions about the campaign after some Fianna Fail TDs criticised his unexpected declaration of support for repeal last Thursday.

But [pro-life FF TD] Eamon Ó Cuív, a former deputy leader, claimed Martin “is already campaigning by standing up in the Dail and advising people on what they should do; when he gave his views so publicly, he knew he was going to influence people”.

Martin: I won’t campaign for repeal (Justine McCarthy, The Sunday Times)

Seismic shift sends Irish politics into new phase ((rish Times)

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17 thoughts on “A Seismic Stroke?

  1. Increasing_Displacement

    “when he gave his views so publicly, he knew he was going to influence people”

    Only thick people

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    I wonder how many Fianna Failers packed the mistress off on an all expenses reclaimed trip to England to “get rid of it”?

    I’d say there’s a few who had the son’s girlfriend thrown in a laundry too.

    1. Rob_G

      I wish for once BS commentators could just debate an issue on its merits, rather than resorting to makey-uppy hypotheticals to support their point.

      1. ahjayzis

        He makes a valid point though.

        Fianna Failers are SCUM, and we should expect the worst of motives and histories.

    2. missred

      Alan Shatter’s novel Laura (not as bad a book as it’s made out to be) has a character like that, married anti-abortion FFer who gets this young one up the duff and tries to send her over for one. Based on a real life TD.

  3. :-Joe

    Thinbk about it…. It’s the Montgomery Burns of Irish politics…

    Either, he has seen the proverbial light, the error of his ways and wants to turn a new leaf and do what is right before what is politically rewarding. It also could be possibly influenced by family and knowing that he will never be Taoiseach anyway.


    It’s another stroke, anything to beat dear Leodar and the other half of the It’s-all-Good-and-Fine-To-Fail corporate elite business party to the PR punch… He knows FineToFail need Dublin votes to have any success in the next election and without the sixty-per-cent plus voting repeal they are screwed. He knows he probably won’t be Taoiseach but still refuses to accept it so he is no choice to be the fall guy for the party but he thinks by not campaigning he still has a chance at being elected leader somehow if he just hangs in there… The good auld crooked fool that he is, still clammering for power.

    You decide…


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