26 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. Taunton

      Why are the morning star so concerned about instructions from a fascist terrorist organisation in Palestine?

      1. postmanpat

        The Left Hand of Darkness is great. I never got around to The Dispossessed, I guess Ill have to now.

      2. Nigel

        She was such a brilliant writer. but she had a wonderful, spiky personality, too:

        ‘Ursula K. Le Guin once recounted in an essay for The New Yorker an anecdote about submitting a short story to Playboy in the late sixties. Her agent, Virginia Kidd, had sent the story, “Nine Lives,” a work of science fiction in which most of the characters were men, to the magazine’s fiction editor. “When it was accepted,” Le Guin wrote of her agent, “she revealed the horrid truth.” The horrid truth, of course, was that the two initials at the front of her pen name, U. K. Le Guin, stood for Ursula Kroeber. The story’s author was a woman.

        ‘_Playboy’_s editors responded that they would still like to publish the story, but asked if they could print only Le Guin’s initials, lest their readers be frightened by a female byline. “Unwilling to terrify these vulnerable people,” Le Guin wrote, “I told Virginia to tell them sure, that’s fine.” After a couple of weeks, Playboy asked for an author bio. “At once, I saw the whole panorama of U.K.’s life,” Le Guin remembered, “as a gaucho in Patagonia, a stevedore in Marseilles, a safari leader in Kenya, a light-heavyweight prizefighter in Chicago, and the abbot of a Coptic monastery in Algeria.” Eventually, Le Guin did submit an author bio. It read: “It is commonly suspected that the writings of U. K. Le Guin are not actually written by U. K. Le Guin, but by another person of the same name.” Playboy printed it.’


    1. italia'90

      Why would you post that link and what relevance has it to de Wednesday papers?
      Is there a prominent story in today’s papers you wish to deflect from?

  1. some old queen

    Daily Express says Flarin is said to be as effective as ibuprofen. Errr.. Flarin IS ibuprofen?

  2. Steve

    lol Eoghan Brien of Sinn Fein moaning endlessly on twitter about IT bias against SF.

    Writes an opinion piece for IT this morning

        1. Steve

          Yeah that was childish of me , apologies. I kinda got lazy when predictive text kept changing it.

          Still though – that O’Broin fella – what a snowflake

  3. Brother Barnabas

    a 12 year old mourning her mother’s death… Irish Times and Examiner reckon it’s fair game for a front page photo

  4. Mourning Ireland

    Irish Times struggling hard not to say the words Roman Catholic in the smaltz piece by Miriam Overlord about Dolly’s funeral.

  5. Mourning Ireland

    I think Leo has a point though about transferring equity from the old people who wrecked this country to young people who need it.

    Alas these old monied coffin dodgers are key FG voters. Expect uproar in DLR coffee mornings today.

  6. italia'90

    lol Eoghan O’Brien is in Fianna Fail
    Eoin Ó Broin is in Sinn Féin
    Although, in fairness it’s easy to confuse them as there isn’t much separating Fianna Fail from Fianna Fail lite

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