Banter As Gaeilge


Banter is back!

The series of public interviews, conversations and discussions hosted by Jim Carroll, will present a special panel discussion, in Irish, about Irish next Wednesday at 6.30pm in The Liquor Rooms (Wellington Quay, Dublin 2).

Via Banter

Presented in association with RTÉ, this Banter ‘as Gaeilge’ event, entitled ‘Binn Béal Ina Thost: Comhráite Ciotacha’ (roughly translated as ‘Silence is golden: Difficult conversations’) will explore our often complex and difficult relationship with the Irish language with a distinguished panel made up of: Cilian Fennell, Director of Stillwater Communications; Hannah Ní Bhaoill, Organiser of Féile na Gealaí; Osgur Ó Ciardha, co-founder of the Pop Up Gaeltacht; and Sinéad Ní Uallacháin, Broadcaster with RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta. The panel will share their opinions on this engaging topic with guest-host, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta’s, Áine Ní Bhreisleáin.

All proceeds  to the Simon Community.

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11 thoughts on “Banter As Gaeilge

  1. Paul

    I like that the ‘Banter’ text is in a font similar to the Jurassic Park font. Something very old and dusty being brought back to life.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        used to have a dog called Ocrais
        That’s one leaving cert Irish put to good use right there

        1. Nigel

          Nice. I Knew someone who called their (lovely) dog Madra, which annoyed me unreasonably because name your dog properly you eejit.

  2. postmanpat

    Make the language optional in school. Then if someone wants to learn it they can, and if someone doesn’t want to learn it they wont be forced to have it eat up their time , energy and exam points trying to scrape a D. To start they could make it optional for Leaving cert. then, when the sky doesn’t fall, make it optional for secondary school altogether.

    1. Increasing_Displacement

      Exactly. Make it optional. It’s obsolete and virtually dead

      We waste colossal amount of money on it every year over healthcare, homelessness and the rest

  3. Harry Molloy

    I am re-learning Irish with the DuoLingo app, I would highly recommend!

    And I’m enjoying it this time as I’m not forced to learn it to pass a test.

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