Up The Rebel Alliance


Ah here.

Star Wars and the struggle for Irish Independence

By Chris Williamson, who writes:

After being bombarded by The Last Jedi marketing campaign and done over the course of a few lunchtime breaks last September – I thought it would be a fun idea to see about having Dublin as part of a Star Wars Universe.

So, inspired by the work of Jakub Rozalski, I used mostly war-torn landscapes of Dublin in the early 20th Century. Made for the perfect backdrop.

In fairness.

21 thoughts on “Up The Rebel Alliance

  1. Frilly Keane

    Want dem all

    C’mere look what can be done over the dinner break instead’a bottoming about here
    Just saying

  2. Commentator

    You know the way you usually have the PR or someone in RTE tell us who is on the Late Late Show every Friday. You don’t today. Is it because it is a truly crap line-up? I saw the line-up on The Journal’s site and it would encourage one to go to the pub. I feel sorry for the infirm.

  3. A Clarke

    Funny thing is – not the first time Ive seen a modified version of photo 1…

    There is one out there that was modified 100 years ago – it has at least two people added – one to bottom left looking at the building and one to bottom right looking up the street.

    1. Royal M

      Agreed – total guff. It has as much artistic merit as superimposing Spongebob Squarepants over pictures of WWI trenches.

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