Father’s Ruin




Muff Gin.

From County Donegal.

The Muff Liquor Company will launch their flagship product Muff Irish Potato Craft Gin this Saturday (Feb 3). This will be quickly followed up by the launch of Muff Irish Potato Vodka. The prominent use of a potato base in its distilled spirits distinctly marks out The Muff Liquor Company from its competitors…

Not the name then.

Muff Liquor Company

Thanks Niall

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13 thoughts on “Father’s Ruin

  1. petey

    gin from potatoes?
    /oh wait, i forgot to make a joke about the name, too …

  2. Gearóid

    I feel bad for this, these people.

    The people who make jokes about Muff… like some very unfunny aul fella who keeps making the same joke year on year on year on year on year. Worst part being, he didn’t even come up with the joke in the first place. The lack of imagination… eye-searingly boring.

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