Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and featuring a ‘centre hub’ steering mechanism borrowed from motorcycle technology, the Furia Concept Bicycle, designed by Francesco Manocchio, won this ADI Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio industrial design award.

Unlike the (almost certain to be produced) real thing, this 1:1 scale prototype was 3D printed.


6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Sam

      They clip on underneath the €4,500 carbon fibre/titanium carrier racks which are optional extras for commuters and people popping to the shops.

  1. Sam

    Full suspension and aero wheels? Bit of a contradiction. Totally a concept bike just for showing off their engineering, looks great, entirely impractical and I don’t see them actual producing them. You’d lose far more in the suspension than you could possibly gain from the fancy overpriced wheels.
    And the front rotor on the right rather than the left…what’s that about?

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