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The extraordinary sculptures of Korean artist Young-Deok Seo – life-sized human forms and giant faces formed from welded-together bicycle chain links.

More of his work here.


Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and featuring a ‘centre hub’ steering mechanism borrowed from motorcycle technology, the Furia Concept Bicycle, designed by Francesco Manocchio, won this ADI Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio industrial design award.

Unlike the (almost certain to be produced) real thing, this 1:1 scale prototype was 3D printed.


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Street vendors at Hanoi in Vietnam (mainly female migrant workers) on their fully-laden, early morning way to work as seen from an overhead bridge by photographer Loes Heerink.


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The Budnitz Model E is the lightest electric bike of its kind, combining an enclosed 250W electric motor (feeding a 30V L-ion 160Wh battery) with a titanium alloy frame, it can cruise at 15mph (24km/h) for 100 miles (160km).

Your wallet will be similarly lightened by $3,950 (€3,500).


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For several years now, Italian designer Gianluca  Gimini has been inviting freinds and strangers to draw bicycles from memory.

He ponders the bikes in the drawings, then he renders them, as if they were real.

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