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Behold: the FT750-26 and FT750-20, two e-bikes from the California Scooter Company.

A 750-watt hub motor gives a top speed of  32km/h and 64km of range with a full charge of the 13.6-Ah battery. The two models have slightly different frame sizes with 26” and 20” tyres respectively, but both have an LED status display on the handlebar, fat Kenda tyres and 10cm of travel on the telescopic front fork.

Yours for about €1,520.

UPDATE: CSC don’t ship electric bicycles outside of the US so you’d have to make some class of alternative arrangement if you want one. (Thanks Michael)


Behold: the Fluid – a top shelf, pedal-assisted electric bike from e-bike manufacturer Fuell.

The aluminium alloy frame contains two rechargeable cells packing 1,008Wh with 100Nm of torque and a 200km range while hub-mounted gears and carbon belt drive (instead of a chain) reduce maintenance.

Yours later this year for just over €2,500.


Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and featuring a ‘centre hub’ steering mechanism borrowed from motorcycle technology, the Furia Concept Bicycle, designed by Francesco Manocchio, won this ADI Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio industrial design award.

Unlike the (almost certain to be produced) real thing, this 1:1 scale prototype was 3D printed.