13 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. some old queen

    Katie Hopkins has been busy in South Africa so. First she collapsed in the street after taking ketamine and now has had her passport confiscated for ‘inciting race hate’?

    Apparently she has part of her skull missing. Someone should point out to her that there is a big difference between having a hole in the head and an open mind.

        1. DeKloot

          It is an act but it is an amplification of his deepest, darkest insecurities. He’s terribly funny but jeepers it can cut to the bone sometimes. His wife is lovely it must be said.

        1. Frilly Keane

          now thats a LOL right there lads

          (someone was cribbing over on the 3’wans thread about there being no LOL stuff about lately)

          Hon’ Rob

        2. some old queen

          I’m sure she is besides herself…. and peeping through a hole.

          Ketamine can also be a hallucinogenic which might explain some of the sh|te she comes out with.

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