His Cross To Bear


This morning.

Dublin city.

Steve Conlon tweetz:

There’s Dublin Bus at it again. For NO reason blocking a pedestrian crossing.

Maybe it’s time to start contacting their insurance company as management seem to be OK with this.

Pedestrians/wheelchair users be damned?


Harsh but fair.


40 thoughts on “His Cross To Bear

  1. digs

    Steve sounds like a silly billy. It may be he was stuck in traffic and when the light went red he was already over the crossing. It’s happened me plenty of times and I will hold my hand up and be extra vigilant towards pedestrians in that situation.

    1. anne

      This happened me one time at the top of Wickam street.. traffic crawling along..got stuck slightly over the line when the lights turned red again. An auld fella starts hitting my car with his walking stick.

    2. realPolithicks

      The simple solution is to never drive onto a pedestrian crossing unless you have room to to cross it entirely without blocking it at all. It’s really not that complicated.

  2. cian

    I want to send you a 15MB picture of a bus waaawaaa!

    There is no context in this picture – it doesn’t show the lights are red, so it is possible that the lights are green and the farthest bus has just started moving!

    And even if the lights are red – there may have be a reason that the bus crossed the line – but then got caught if the traffic ahead didn’t move. (yes, I know that you shouldn’t enter a junction unless you can clear it). It is possible that there is a taxi picking someone up the other side of the lights.

    Steve – next time move a bit to the left before taking the picture so they can see (a) the red lights and (b) the traffic/lack of traffic at the junction.

  3. Increasing_Displacement

    Could it have been the lights changed and maybe he went for the safe option of stopping rather than charging through the lights last minute?

    Who knows Steve who knows.
    You’ll make someones life a misery finding out that’s for sure

    1. Christopher

      I did my driving test in northern Ireland doing this is an automatic FAIL. You don’t drive into a pedestrian crossing unless you can clear it regardless of the colour of the lights.

      Stop making excuses for crap driving, especially people who drive for a living!

  4. edalicious

    There an absolute chronic problem with people stopping too far in front of the line at lights these days. My big bug bear at the moment is cars blocking both the bicycle and pedestrian crossings at ALL of the grand canal bridges. Every bridge, every day.

  5. fez

    DB are notorious for it, O’Connell bridge onto D’Olier st makes crossing impossible as you have to weave forward and back between tons of them

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      That’s called extreme traffic jumping. They’re considering bringing it into the Olympics.

  6. BS

    bike box nudger and audiot compilation

    look out for your reg on yoooooouuuuuuuutuuuuuuuube

    have people nothing better to be doing? you’ll give yourself an ulcer steve

    1. Paps

      Ah yes, lets all keep the head down, don’t complain about a public service breaking the laws on a daily basis. Putting vulnerable road users at risk

  7. Barking mad I say, barking mad.

    I’ll tell yeh…. Complaining to a business is a risky business these days… I complained to a company via Facebook who parked their big van in an electric charging bay and a: I was told I was abusive for calling their van ‘stupid’ and b: was threatened with the Police for harassing them when asking how I was actually being abusive. Safe to say I was pretty astonished by such a reaction….

    1. cian

      If you were complaining to them about their van being parked in an electric charging bay, why did you call their van ‘stupid’? How can a van (inanimate object) be stupid?

      Can you re-post the complaint here so we can see if it could be construed as abusive?

      1. Barking mad I say, barking mad.

        “Thanks XXXXX…. Thanks for parking your big stupid van at the electric vehicle charging spot on YYYYYYYY… Photos taken. Council and clampers informed.”

        It was a big, big van and it’s utterly infuriating…… But to leap to the guards is pretty astonishing – even in this day and age…

          1. Barking mad I say, barking mad.

            Ah, not arsed… Individual seems excitable and prone to fantastic leaps…. Christ knows what bother I’d find myself in….

  8. Mart

    When I first read this I too thought Steve was over reacting, however that’s because I am neither in a wheelchair or blind. If I was either of those things I would find it very difficult to cross this road which should not be the case at a pedestrian crossing. And saying you got caught over the line after the lights changed is ridiculous, you don’t go through the lights if you can’t clear the junction, exactly the same as a yellow box which I all too frequently see taken up with idiots who don’t seem to understand what a yellow box is for.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I pronounced that as “dole ee yer” street for years and never equated it with other people saying Dole-ear street. Totally different streets in my stupid book.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        They are. It’s a secret club actually. Members only. I’m assuming you received the personalised handwritten invite.

  9. Kim Cardassian

    If he’s planning on writing to their insurance company he will find his letter will be going to Dublin Bus direct.

    Dublin Bus don’t have insurance. They don’t need to by law if they don’t want it. The Irish government underwrites the risk.

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