Attempt No Landing There


Two 1998 observations of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa by the Galileo spacecraft stitched together by NASA engineer Kevin Gill. He geeks off thus:

Processed using low resolution color images (IR, Green, Violet) from March 29 1998 overlaying higher resolution unfiltered images taken September 26 1998. Map projected to Mercator, scale is approximately 225.7 meters per pixel, representing a span of about 1,500 kilometers.


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5 thoughts on “Attempt No Landing There

    1. Adama

      It’s from 2010: Odyssey Two..when the monolith builders convert Jupiter into a star to allow life to flourish on Europa. They send a message through HAL 9000 allowing us use of the new Jovian system with the exception of Europa – ‘Attempt No Landing There’.

      Nerd time over, back to work.

  1. cian

    it’s great… except… it looks like we’re flying backwards.

    if the video were played backwards it looks a lot better.

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