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  1. TheRealJane

    Interesting article on the front of the times regarding the behaviour of aid workers in Haiti. I read a different article in the guardian some years ago by an aid worker who said that it was accepted that vehicles belonging to charities are used to transport male workers to camps where they abuse refugees in this way.

    I asked both trócaire and concern about this practice when I got round robins from them asking for donations, but neither replied so I think it’s accepted practice.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Sad… just like the Swedish immigrant “care workers” sleeping with immigrants, and taking them as boyfriends.

      There are sickos pretending to do good all over the world, and they are of either gender.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Like I said, “sickos pretending to do good all over the world”. You do know what UN peacekeepers are supposed to be doing… you know, doing good, keeping peace.

          I’ve read that piece. It too is sad, and there’s nothing flippant about saying so.

          – – –

          Please, for the sake of your own opinion, please do show me one single MRA dig in my comments, thanks.

      1. Andrew

        Linda Polman has written some good books on the subject. ‘War Games’ is one I’d recommend.
        It’s horrific what goes on. I wouldn’t give a cent to Trocaire anyway.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Poor Theresa May. She must be on tenterhooks. Not a day passes by without Varadkar or Coveney ‘warning’ her.
    At this stage, I’m sure we can summarize the first round of ‘agreements’ a dead duck. No podium booked at the moment. Varadkar prefers his Viennese Balls to politics.

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