OK, which one of you did this?

Nat writes:

When you’re the movie critic whose one bad review prevents the new Marvel movie from hitting 100%, you need to be ready for the onslaught of endless hordes of butthurt fanboys.

Today, that’s Ed Power of the Irish Indo….


Black Panther reviews (Rotten Tomatoes)

Black Panther first review: ‘It is expected to stand for something bigger than itself – the strain is visible’ (Ed Power, Indpendent.ie)

14 thoughts on “Super, Power

  1. Frilly Keane

    Deffo going ta’ see it now

    and the picture house too
    so they’ll be getting a few bob from me

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Looking forward to seeing it. I love an aul Marvel flick!

    Also really looking forward to I, Tony and Ladybird next week.

  3. Cloud

    It’s far from a masterpiece but I think Ed is mistaken here. He gives it a mostly positive review, but bookends it by claiming it’s not as significant as it hopes to be, or is expected to be, one or the other.

    Here’s the thing though, for white audiences, it IS just another Marvel movie – a decent enough one. And that’s fine. But for a black audience, they have rarely seen the likes. It’s nothing short of a miracle to some eyes, regardless of how it compares to the rest of the series or how strong a performance Boseman turns in.

    I don’t mean to sound “SJW” with this, or arsy, but with that in mind I’m not sure Ed is in a position to say whether or not it succeeds in standing for something bigger than itself.

  4. rotide

    I haven’t seen it but something tells me that the 99% score is a lot more to do with twitter and tumblr than the films actual content.

  5. Jimmey_russell

    this review is dangerously racist and needs to be taken down, can we get a twitter movement going to have this alt-reich reviewer fired? preferably before the week is out?

  6. Not On Your Nelly

    Rotten tomatoes is not good for anyone. It’s an odd system. People check a movies score and decide whether to go to see a movie or not.

    That will end well.

  7. eric cartman

    theres no way this movie could ever live up to the hype, with bad reviews vilified and everyone who dares say anything negative branded a racist, its just going to leave moviegoers disappointed at the end.

    Although on the plus side it’ll mean a fat bank day for the studio considering everyone on the left almost has a duty to see this now.

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