Some Cara You Are



Gayle Follard writes:

En route to the U.S.: I see Aer Lingus have gotten over that Saoirse Ronan sketch on SNL. Didn’t take long for her to appear on EI flights… No mention of you know what… (or the lack of decent sausages on the in-flight breakfast)…


Aer Lingus trolls Saoirse Ronan’s Saturday Night Live skit (RTÉ)

Aer Here

13 thoughts on “Some Cara You Are

  1. Donk


    Is this odd one out quiz along side the join the dots in the kids section of the mag?

  2. Dan

    Even for an inflight, Cara is bad. For a start they should hire a new designer, it looks like it was designed in the late nineties.

    1. B Bop

      Ah sssh there, I think it’s a superb publication.
      Always interesting. Leagues above other in-flight mags.

  3. :-Joe

    It was a p-poor sketch in fairness….

    SNL has a lot of poorly concieved ideas that miss way off the mark….


  4. Paulus

    I hope it’s just the curve of the page in the second pic that’s giving Saoirse the Something Jessica Parker look.

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