34 thoughts on “Some Enchanted Evening

  1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    Hope his other half doesn’t recognise the cut of him and wonder who those are for….

    1. some old queen

      WhatsApp is where nosey fat people complain about not being included in east Belfast while also outing fenians?

          1. Shayna

            Aren’t the Loyalist types in East Belfast also masquerading as children on social media in the hope of identifying paedophiles? So-called, “Paedophile Hunters” have been identified as characters with Loyalist Paramilitary and criminal backgrounds by the PSNI. What with the occasional punishment shooting also, they seem to be a busy bunch, these East Belfast types.

          2. Fiona

            Lush and Shayna, it sounds like someone on Grindr was trying to lure SOQ into meeting them, then attack him, just for being gay. I’ve heard of it happening before, some sick fks out there.

          3. some old queen

            No not me personally but yes it is happening.These paedophile hunters are using it to entrap people. The difference is it is not facebook, it is an adult app which does not allow minors so they are actively contacting guys to entrap them. This would never stand up in court of course but in the meantime, people’s lives are being ruined by these slurs.

            Grindr are partly at fault mind as their response times to an underage report leaves a lot to be desired.

            And just if I may make a point about online child security. It is primarily the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is not going somewhere they shouldn’t. In the case of adult apps like this, even if uninstalled there will be traces of it being loaded.

            But, in the case of Grindr, if a boy has been using it then they need to face up to the fact that they probably have a gay child which is a lot more serious.

          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            Thanks soq. That was very well said. Very eloquent and honest.

            And what these people are doing is utterly disgusting and vile. My heart goes out to anyone made a target of like that, simply because of their sexuality.

  2. Niamh

    The man went into Aldi/Lidl and resisted the urge to buy their own-brand condoms, opting instead to buy a classy and more expensive pack of Durex. I hope he had a lovely evening indeed.

    1. italia'90

      He’s not going to meet a French paramour obviously.
      Well, according to the Johnny Sexton joke going around last week anyway :)

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