Meeting A Matchmaker


How To Be Sound.

A weekly podcast on how to be sound with Rosemary McCabe.

Liam Geraghty writes:

This week on How to be Sound – Rosemary (above right) discovers that all you need is love (and a good broadband connection) as she talks to Rena Maycock (left) of Intro Matchmaking and scrolls through yoga instructor Tess Purcell’s Tinder!

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How To Be Sound

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2 thoughts on “Meeting A Matchmaker

  1. nellyb

    “…that all you need is love (and a good broadband connection)…” and … wait for it …. the same password! :-)

    “People Are Actually Using a Joke Dating Site That Matches People Based on Their Passwords”
    “Krzysztof Zając, the creator of the site, told Motherboard that the site is not a serious endeavor, but noted that it does in fact work.
    “I came up with this idea as a joke and decided it would be funny to implement it,” he told me in an email.”
    “If you want to fμ€k around with the site, almost all the usual password advice applies: choose a password that you don’t currently use anywhere else, and that is unique. But in this case, don’t make it too unique or you’ll be out of luck, and out of love.”
    And on this humorous note: Happy Valentine, broadsheet

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