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        1. Cian

          if your numbers correct then there are 0 non FF/FG landlords.
          ‘nearly 1-in-5’ of 158 TDs = 31
          ‘1 in 3’ of FF/FG (94 TDs) = 31

          but we know that is not true since the “biggest recorded landlord is Michael Healy Rae”.. and “Social Democrat, Stephen Donnelly has rental property at Beacon South Quarter” and “Independent, Noel Grealish rented out a house in Galway and apartment in Dublin”.

          Can anyone link to the actual numbers?

          1. some old queen

            Ruth Coppinger said it on The Tonight Show last night and it wasn’t challenged so I assumed it was true.

            Anyways, what would be interesting is a breakdown by Landlord TD. There is a difference between holding on to a starter home and 10+ buy to rents. Name and shame.

            Marc MacSharry is such a slimy prick.

          2. johnny

            Six out of 19 Ministers own properties other than their family homes.
            Agriculture Minister Michael Creed
            Employment Minister Regina Doherty
            Former Housing Minister Simon Coveney
            Minister of State for Defence, Paul Kehoe,
            Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan
            Chief Whip Joe McHugh
            All registered landlords.

          3. some old queen

            That is government only but even then, no details. They could collectively own half of the country for all we know.

          4. some old queen

            And isn’t those figures just direct ownership rather than limited companies that TD’s may have an interest in?

          5. some old queen

            If you set up a limited company then transfer your rental property into it, the one in five figure become meaningless.

            Explains a lot.

          6. johnny

            just hold it in your partners/spouses name (which its rumored many do) then NO disclosure requirements !

  1. Ultan

    Can’t say I’m surprised. It would have been a bigger story if there were ones available.you’d found one.

  2. Sir Adolf Von Bratwurst

    I think you have to factor in a long commute sadly or else emigrate. I was in Berlin duiring the Summer and you can get a 2 bed apartment in the old east berlin for 400 a month…

  3. The Ghost of Starina

    I think studios were 650 like…at LEAST five years ago. I remember looking in college and not being able to afford it.

  4. phil

    @Paulie Doyle , remember the last few general elections? When either you or your parents voted for FG or FF, thats how extortionate rents became normalised..

  5. Junkface

    I would recommend Berlin as an affordable city that actually works. No need for a car, public transport works so well, buy a bicycle, you can bring it on the train. When you cut out traffic from your working life the stress washes away. Same goes for not stressing so much about rent.

    1. Lilly

      A property discussion is bijou in Ballsbridge versus something roomier in Ranelagh. This is a ‘how to put a roof over your head’ discussion. There’s a difference. Stop trying to shut it down just because it doesn’t suit your agenda.

  6. Qwerty123

    There are over 200 house shares in North Dublin city also below 650 a month. We all had to share at some stage, made some great friends as a result. Or maybe you could get a proper job as opposed to ‘writer’ on online blogs.

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