Tara Street, Dublin 2

Eamonn writes:

Workers from Hegarty Demolition company on the grounds of Apollo House preparing for its demolititon. The 10-storey Dublin city centre building is now best known for an occupation by homelessness activities in late 2016.

As many as 35 people who had been homeless or sleeping rough were housed in the office block until the end of January 2017.

The building has remained disused since. A construction company has started clearing at ground level in advance of work taking place on the main block.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

38 thoughts on “Apollo Mission

  1. scottser

    now now, before ye all get on your high horses just remember the city badly needs office space and this development along with hawkins house will provide bespoke areas for highly paid executives to further consider how to screw over the public and avoid paying taxes.

    1. Rob_G

      … or provide jobs for ordinary working people so that they can pay the bills and generally live their lives.

      Some people are only happy when seeing the negative in everything…

        1. Rob_G

          Well, resident contrarian Anne gave you a ‘+1’, so apparently I wasn’t the only one to take a literal interpretation.

          1. Killian G

            You say “resident contrarian”, the rest of us say “inveterate twit”. All the same it could be said.

    2. Peter Dempsey

      Yes, many on the left hate middle class professionals. That extends to the majority left DCC who refuse high rise planning applications on the basis that it will flood the area with people in suits who aren’t fans of Rabble.

    1. missred

      I’d prefer they demolish, waste of funds not withstanding, that kip of a building nearby that the Department of Health has. Awful eyesore

        1. Cian

          He has form:
          Architect: Sir Thomas Bennett
          1974 – College House, Townsend Street, Dublin
          “One of the ugliest buildings to grace the city centre of Dublin”

          1972 – Screen Cinema, Townsend Street, Dublin
          “A soulless 1960s cinema that is partially on the site of two of Dublin’s most famous theatres: the massive Theatre Royal and the smaller Regal Theatre next door.”

          1962 – Hawkins House, Poolbeg Street, Dublin
          “In a poll in 1998, this was voted the worst building in Dublin by the readers of Archiseek.”

      1. b

        they are demolishing Hawkins House too

        didn’t know the long stone is getting knocked, many good memories from that place

          1. Cian

            I enquired if they did cocktails, he said “Some”.
            I asked for a ‘double entendre’… I didn’t one.

  2. TheRichList

    What happened to the money donated by the public to the bearded hippies who thought it was ok to occupy buildings?

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