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Ends Meet

A new 12-week sitcom on RTÉ 2 from the mind and pencil of Mark Baldwin (no stranger to ‘sheet readers).

Mark writes:

After three years of blood, sweat and animation Ends Meet is now airing on Rté 2 mondays at 11.30pm.

Running for 12 weeks we’ll see how the family Beezer, his son Sean Og and Beez’s granda Tony do what they can to get by and keep their heads above the water of life on welfare in the Northside of Dublin.

The first episode is on the Player )at link below) and next Monday we’ll see an origin story of how it all came together.

Other episodes will deal with mental health, feminism, discrimination, first kisses and all sorts of things that knock you out of your bliss and force you to confront them.


Watch episode 1 here

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12 thoughts on “Support Your Local Animated Family Sitcom

    1. ReproBertie

      If only there was some technology that allowed the recording of things shown on television at inconvenient times.

      1. Not On Your Nelly

        You don’t catch the zeitgeist with time shifted viewing. Also, shows their lack of faith in the product.

        And the RTÉ player is double Aids.

        1. ReproBertie

          True enough. RTÉ often seem to buy up programmes and show them at ridiculous hours, just to prevent others getting them. The Walking Dead and The Handmaid’s Tale for example.

  1. Tony

    Enjoyed episode 1. Pity about the RTÉ player and the 2 minutes of ads you’re forced to watch before the show starts though. Mike should put these up on YouTube

  2. manc maniac

    that baldwin fella is gas, i seen him on the internet. love this programme its mad funny. the fuppin dog n’all lol :D

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