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On RTÉ 2

At 11.30pm (and therefater on the RTÉ Player).

Episode 2 of ‘Ends Meet,.

Mark Baldwin’s brilliant, Dublin-based animated family sitcom.

Tonight on ‘Ends Meet‘:

As a teenager with a pregnant girlfriend, young Beezer is starting to feel like his life is over before it is even started…

Watch episode 1 here

Mark Baldwin on Broadsheet

Ends Meet

A new 12-week sitcom on RTÉ 2 from the mind and pencil of Mark Baldwin (no stranger to ‘sheet readers).

Mark writes:

After three years of blood, sweat and animation Ends Meet is now airing on Rté 2 mondays at 11.30pm.

Running for 12 weeks we’ll see how the family Beezer, his son Sean Og and Beez’s granda Tony do what they can to get by and keep their heads above the water of life on welfare in the Northside of Dublin.

The first episode is on the Player )at link below) and next Monday we’ll see an origin story of how it all came together.

Other episodes will deal with mental health, feminism, discrimination, first kisses and all sorts of things that knock you out of your bliss and force you to confront them.


Watch episode 1 here

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Calls for Dail to implement “Brenter” and rejoin the UK

Ed Sheeran’s latest song “Dippy Egg” features shout out to Bord Bia

Clampers getting make over. Say hello to the Glampers. Bada Bing!

Just some of the highlights from a new web series called ‘Ends Meet’ about three generations of Irishmen (including a defiantly tri-coloured nipper) “trying to get by”.

Created by Mark Baldwin (no stranger to ‘sheet readers) Ends Meet has been picked up by RTÉ for a long running series in the Autumn.

You can watch the webisodes that won the series NOW online.

There’s seven and they’re about 2-3 minutes long and available on the RTÉ Player.

Unless you live ‘abroad’.

*shakes fist*

Watch here

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.03.26

This week in mild concussion: Edward Snowden, Irish Musicians, healthcare and impressionists. But first, a special message from the presenter.

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“You are in control.”

“Steal her shoes.

Possible bachelor Mark Baldwin with advice for single men to meet AND maintain a relationship with a member the opposite sex .

Silly Beggar Films


Mark Baldwin of Silly Beggar Films shares his ‘five-point’ plan to solve the economic crisis.

Damn sight more than we’ve got from [insert party here] the useless bunch of fupping spanners.

*kicks telly*

Silly Beggar Films

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 14.07.16

Mark Baldwin writes:

“This is a little different to the ones I’ve been making but whatevs.”

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