A Right To Know


The Regency Hotel, Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9


When the judges returned, Mr Gillane [Sean Gillane SC, prosecuting] said that as he had indicated previously, a separate investigation was taking place “into the circumstances of Supt Fox’s passing and it was felt, having considered the matter very very carefully, that it would be safer to allow the investigation to be completed, from everyone’s perspective, before the trial would proceed.”

“In these circumstances I think it’s safer, subject to the court, to adjourn the trial, as a trial, for mention, to a date toward the end of term,” he said.

This seemed to be the “safest path forward to make sure no-one is taken by surprise,” he said.

Judge adjourns Regency trial after notes ‘authored by’ late investigating garda handed in (Independent.ie)

Hutch trial adjourned to allow for investigation into senior garda’s death (RTÉ)

Regency trial adjourned due to ‘unprecedented conundrums’ (Irish Times, last Monday)

Tributes paid to garda found dead in Ballymun station (Irish Times, Monday February 12)


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31 thoughts on “A Right To Know

  1. b

    the public doesn’t have any right or need to know until the courts have decided what do with the information and whether they can salvage the trial first

  2. Tina Tequila

    extraordinary, reprehensible, disgusting – for any journalist to call for the ‘reasons’ for a suicide to be made public in this day and age of mental health awareness. there’s no excuse.

    1. Anomanomanom

      If it’s the cause of a case being delayed or some sort of ramifications in preventing a case continue then we definitely have a right to know. Maybe not straight away we should be told what happened

        1. ahjayzis

          Contributing factors then.

          Something similar is being investigated in Wales at the minute. A Labour AM took his own life after being suspended from the party. It’s not an unknowable thing to want to find out if circumastances were more difficult than could be the case etc.

    2. realPolithicks

      The inference here is that this person took his own life because he was aware of something wrong that was done in relation to this court case. If this is the case then clearly it is in the public interest for this to be revealed.

  3. postmanpat

    ” will undermine public confidence in the gardai ” pffft, I’ve had no confidence in the guards for my entire life.

    1. b

      some people would like the courts decide that first

      because it’s a murder trial – the public’s opinion really doesn’t matter, it’s not an x-factor vote

  4. Catherine costelloe

    We must not forget over 60 million spent on garda overtime and the 24 hr garda cover on this violent Kinahan killing machine. Wives and parents of garda on duty are surely worried sick when they leave home on these patrols. Overtime is grand but exhaustion and lack of family life plays a part too. My condolences to Mr Fox’s family. Tragic and life changing for them.

    1. nellyb

      3 hours ago: “…a separate investigation ongoing into the “circumstances of Colm Fox’s passing”…”
      just two of your last sentences would have sufficed.

  5. Truth in the News

    Given that he was witness and a principal investigator who was a member of the Guards took
    his life and previously gave evidence at the Trial which is ongoing and now adjourned.
    The sad case of Guards death in the circumstances evokes all our sympathy, however the facts have to be established, and condemning Gemma O’Doherty for raising the issue, when she should be congratulated, given her pursuance of defects in the investigations carried out
    in other cases…..we have only to look at what happened to Sgt McCable and Gemma when
    they focused on the Penalty Points scandal…Gemma O’Doherty was removed from her job at
    INM…..when will that paragon of Public Broadcasting RTE, do an in depth documentary on the
    entire episode.

    1. b

      she hasn’t fupping raised the issue – it is already front and centre of Special Criminal Court murder trial who are currently working at establishing the facts

      she’s raised her own interest as a freelance journo who needs to get another Garda corruption article out the door

      1. Truth in the News

        She did last night at 11.39 pm and an adjournment was sought and given today
        Were this not published would there be any action taken today, as to the Special
        Criminal Court its concept is an embarrasment to the entire concept of Justice
        You have only to recall the case of the sleeping judge, in short this type Court
        should be abolished, and its heritage goes back to the Free State Military courts
        and before them the Courts that tried and condemned the 1916 Leaders.
        A nation that calls its self a Republic and a democratic one at that, should rid its self
        of this outfit.

        1. Jimmy Ireland

          Best court in the land where learned judges who understand law and evidence and proofs decide on someone’s guilt instead of 12 idiots. If I were on trial I’d rather it was the special criminal court than the circuit court.

  6. $hifty

    “believed to contain information relevant to the trial”

    Believed by who?
    Just because you believe it, love, doesn’t mean that it is true?

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