This afternoon.

Lepardstown, County Dublin

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the opening of Microsoft Ireland’s campus, One Microsoft Place

Designed by RKD Architects, the 34,000 square metre purpose-built building is now home to the company’s 2,000-strong Irish workforce.

Ugly on the outside.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

18 thoughts on “No Fussball?

    1. DeKloot

      Cost €134 million to build. 2000 high paying jobs and a car park full of BMWs. I think we call that bingo.

      1. david

        Well if you do not pay tax you can build castles
        Maybe before we get ahead of our selves the IDA should tell us how much state aid
        How much was paid per job

    1. Rob

      I don’t know what a grey Lexus used to symbolise, but 9 times out of 10 when you are doing a decent pace down the motorway in the overtaking lane (while overtaking, obvs) and someone comes up behind you at a dangerously close distance then flies past you at a dangerous speed they are in a dark Audi.

      10 – 12 years ago, that would always have been a BMW.

      1. Neilo

        That Audi will almost inevitably (i) have NI plates (ii) be driven by a young numbnuts from the border counties visible only by the top of his ball cap.

  1. stephen lane

    Lets just argue for a moment (probably accurately) that Microsoft dont pay a penny of tax…..
    However, their 2000 staff are probably paying millions in income tax, millions in VAT, millions in alcohol and fuel duties (and tobacco), stamp duties and car registrations fees …. basically many millions in taxes here ever year.

    Also when they are not paying taxes, large chunks of their money is going on retail goods and services here in Ireland.

    On balance …. its absolutely in our interests to get as many Googles here as we can.

    1. Barbarian Slav

      If you rely too much on those multinationals, you will end up being their colony.
      Ireland currently has a high employment rate and also an influx of skilled foreign workers because of low taxes for multinationals. If you would have a tougher competition in this field from let’s say…hmmmm…Netherlands, within a decade you would probably slide back to late 80’s level of development.
      I do not see here some big support for local/homegrown small and specialised tech/industrial companies.
      Which is a shame.
      Ireland has attracted bright and young people in the last 10-15 years, but this will not last forever.

    2. gerogerigegege

      our taxes go to paying off bank debt interest. 5 billion a year. hardly going to benefit the ordianry Irish person.

    3. Kolmo

      Who pays the taxes that the corporations are supposed to pay for basing themselves here, using our infrastructure and remarkably educated and handsome people to make really massive profits? Not only are the staff of these companies stung for paying all the taxes required to live in a somewhat-civilized country, they are also subsidising these private and very profitable companies to be here..there is something immorally unfair there.

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