25 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Ooooh. Leo is now ‘demanding’. His threatening didn’t work. His warnings didn’t work. What’s next weeks headline? ‘Leo begging’?

    1. david

      Gas Leo demanding or is it the EU demanding?
      Leo does what he is told but not by his people
      Funny how now trump is sending an American envoy?
      Seems to me the yanks will soon get Sinn feinn to the table

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Leo is waffling. The EU decides. His utterances are an attempt at face saving. Within a few days of each, he is caught out. A leader? Far far from it.

    1. Verbatim

      Wow that looks like an interesting article in the UK Times, unfortunately one needs a subscription to read it. I would feel a whole lot better to think that was outed by the Irish press…but wait, oh the paid articles were placed in the Irish press!!!***

  2. david

    Get ready for the vulture funds buying all these mortgagees as the dail faffs around debating the issue
    Now property is booming massive profits are to be made and the homeless will be accommodated at taxpayers expense
    A simple solution a 80%tax on the market value of the property the has this mortgagee payable on disposal by said bank to vulture fund payable when transfer is made

    1. Snippity

      “the homeless will be accommodated at taxpayers expense”?
      At the moment, hoteliers are being paid a fortune for providing kips for families that have lost their homes. If the council builds homes and rents them as was done before Thatcherism, council housing will support itself. The whole problem began with the loony idea of selling off well-built council houses for way below market value to people who immediately sold them on for double the price.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        ‘to people who immediately sold them on for double the price.’. No – they couldn’t sell them for I think 10 years, and even then had to get the councils permission as to what type of purchaser could buy.

  3. Bull Duggan

    Barely mentioned in the Irish media this week was Varadkar’s admission that he only discovered last week that December’s Irish border agreement,or fudge,will not be part of the UK-EU withdrawal deal and is instead relegated to a secondary report.
    This Poundshop Trudeau has been royally played by the EU – he was a useful pawn when Barnier needed to put some pressure on the Brits and now he’s been tossed aside like a used condom.
    The Irish government has badly misjudged who its real friends are and should have learned from the days of the Troika that Europe will shaft us at the first opportunity.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Said that all along. However I believe Varadkar and Daffy (and Noonan and Kenny before him) are complicit in a planned sell out of the Irish nation. We are the guinea pig for new taxes, for riding roughshod over rights, and for the placing of the ‘state’ above scrutiny.

  4. david

    To be played by the EU means one must be a leader of a sovereign nation who works for the people of a sovereign nation who voted you in
    Leo varadka is neither elected or leader
    He is like all insolvent companies an administrator placed in to administer the company for benefit of the receivers
    Little Leo verruca was not elected by the people of this country he was imposed by vested interests
    This country is facing possibly the biggest threats to its existence and god look how the EU helped us with the crash
    There are dark days ahead
    Hopefully fianna fail will pull the plug before its too late

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