13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Mullingar

  1. bisted

    …hey look Mildred…a post from Bodger on a saturday…it’s true then…a Joe show is better than a no show…

  2. Father Filth

    The bridge make him look like he’s sporting a, ‘meet me at McDonalds’ ?

    I await Neilo’s savaging/sardonic reply with glee. Ho hum.

    1. Neilo

      @Father Filth: you’ll be awaiting in vain, Padre – that’s a nice portrait. It could be argued – not by me, I’m far too sweet – that the Notorious J.O.E is rockin’ a Fido Dido ‘Do.

  3. scottser

    Motorists should start flinging their jocks at it as they drive by. Now that would be a proper tribute.

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