23 thoughts on “Uncanny

    1. Neilo

      This isn’t my material but: Emma Stone’s eyes are quite far apart while Ryan Gosling’s eyes are very close together and yet they’re both beautiful people who sizzle on screen (the missus only ever fancied 70s style, super-sweatl Gosling in The Nice Guys. See also Franco in The Deuce). Kaya Scoladario could be Stone’s sister while Stephen Murphy is Bizarro World Gosling at best.

  1. Marcus Stewart

    I can’t believe the haters on this post. Stephen Murphy is a very handsome man. Some idiot catches him mid sentence delivering the news and compares him to a heavily airbrushed professionaly taken photo of Gosling and the ugly haters are quick to jump in without any one of them brave enough to show their own image. Crap attitudes like this sum up the problems with Ireland. You’re a handsome man Steve, despite the badly timed screen grab. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t listen to these bottomholes

  2. Marcus Stewart

    Stephen is 6ft 4″ , much taller than Gosling.

    I’m wondering if Broadsheet would allow this kind of abusive criticism of a female ?

  3. Cian Duggan

    What fluffs my pillows is how lovely Broadsheet are; all repeal the 8th, anti-bullying, mental health etc…then they put this up just for lovely fun. They’d do that with a female RTE reporter, and say, a pic of Margot Robbie and it would be just as lovely.

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