He’s Brown Bread To Me


Today’s Irish Sun

…Contacted by the Irish Sun and asked to comment on the claim that he had covered her arrears as well as five months of payments as a favour to her, Twink said: “No favours with Rory . . . EVER. It’s all business. He is strictly a ‘bread head’!”

Rory Cowan and Twink launch bitter war of words as Mrs Brown’s Boys star reveals he paid off her €18k mortgage arrears bill (Ken Sweeney, Irish Sun)

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31 thoughts on “He’s Brown Bread To Me

          1. Neilo

            Hah! You’ll have to forgive this culchie’s poor grasp of the multiverses contained in a single Dublin post code.

  1. king Adolf von bratwurst

    I’m not a fan of Cowan especially for his defence of israel but he seems like a generous egg.

  2. Dhaughton99

    Looks like we will be paying off her mortgage soon enough.

    “Happily, RTE is now set to recognise Twink’s talent and a new show featuring the panto queen is in the pipeline.
    The production will feature Twink reviewing vintage clips of her comedy skits down through the years.”

    Can’t wait.

  3. Neilo

    Gotta give it up to the Twinkinator on her use of that label. Haven’t heard ‘bread head’ deployed in anger since Tayto were priced in ‘d’, not ‘p’.

      1. Neilo

        In fairness, Rob Schneider’s Makin’ Copies Guy was doing this in the early-mid ’90s. Compliments are always appreciated!

    1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

      Did she report her cake sale taking to the Revenue? Oh, I just did.

  4. Standby

    If anyone looks like Ryan it’s Stephens former colleague Paul Walsh. The ladies are ‘La La’ for him

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