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  1. bisted

    …the GAA show once again they despise their neighbours at Croke Park…to break an agreement on the number of concerts inflicted on the residents is one thing…to break it with a bunch of geriatrics who themselves ignored all appeals and played in support of the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv is contemptuous…

    1. Topsy

      The vast majority of local residents are in favour of and have no problem with extra concerts. A very small minority of anti GAA people (like yourself) should not be allowed dictate what should & should go on in the locality.

      1. bisted

        …the GAA are going the way of the charity sector in that they are being taken over by people whose only objective is fundraising…they are losing touch with what made the GAA great…that they would permit a concert from people who sold their legacy for blood money from the zionists is despicable…

          1. bisted

            …they were given voice yesterday if you’d been standing near me at the National League match I’d travelled over 150km to attend…I confess to being very partisan…

    2. Rob_G

      The residents are only delighted – the complaining about concerts is all a calculated ruse to increase the allotment of free tickets that they get.

      The fella that heads the “Residents Association” lives in Castleknock, where he is very unlikely to be discommoded by musicians playing in Croke Park, whatever their views are on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Leo and the Spinmasters caught out once again. He is so inept, and so short of confidence in himself and the FGers that he has to buy space in the newspapers with the proviso that any reporting must be positive. And guess what? The presstitutes bent over and took the money quicker than diarrhea. And as usual, within hours/days, they were found out.. And here we have the Spindo’s Stephen Rea taking up a European role to do what? Stop Fake News. ROFL RLOF LROF.
    I’m sure at some stage we will also get the payoffs made to polling companies to report more lies.

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