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    1. GiggidyGoo

      Special Communications Unit Media = SCUM.
      So they used Karl Deeter for their attempt at pulling the wool.
      Another debacle contrived by a trainee taoiseach.
      And another photo shoot relating to the chinese new year in other releases.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          @Taunton. I Must have rattled your little FG cage going by your first reply. If the West Brit caps fits. The ‘Taunton Mayor Bitter’ comment went right over your little head.

          1. Taunton

            As I have previously told you I have nothing to do with FG, or any other party. If you think you are rattling a cage then it is an imaginary cage.

          2. jusayinlike

            @ Taunton..

            You called him a communist and a freeloader in your very first post, I think you are rattled, the fact that you took such offence to criticism of fg and Leo shows how entrenched you are in their politics

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Using as in
          Getting a comment and including it in their advertisement without telling him their intentions. Bottom right of the times above

          1. Frilly Keane

            Jesus they really are thick
            And desperate

            Or maybe they know tis only all a load of rubbish anyway
            And only tagged in the showboaters

        2. Martco

          I think the gist is that this famous FG spin dept of the current taoiseach’s making took out a spread advert engineered to look like a genuine newssheet (I say gist because I don’t buy newspapers anymore so I didn’t see it myself) & the young hip celeb mortgage broker Deeter who replaced broken Eddie Hobbs isn’t happy that his quotes were published into the article in question by deception

          making cranberry & orange scones here so I don’t really care….just waiting for the 0.00 u know yourself

          1. Frilly Keane

            Oh ya had’ta get that in Marty
            Didn’t ya
            Putting t’gether posh scones a Sunday Brunch time

            Anyone who earns income from commission for selling Financial products for Banks and other regulated Financial Institutions etc should never be pinned to a Government Policy Document
            Likewise given voice in any Media outlet
            It’s endorsement
            It’s product placement
            It’s promotion
            Without any mention of the conflicts and bias

            Fee influence tut tut

            But shur that’s the way it is

          2. Martco

            oh they’re (or at least were) dead posh, little heart attack grenades they are too, have to be eaten inside the hour they’re made with a slab of genuine butter and taken with a decent dark roast coffee

          3. Frilly Keane

            Feck off you
            I’m here with instant made in the microwave
            And an out of date
            Probably from a selection box

          4. Martco

            :) ah I wasn’t tryin to rile ya honest Frilly & if I had a way to do up & deliver a batch to u I’d do it!
            but where tf are you anyway today with the microwave and the kiddy crunchies..in a portacabin or somethin?

          5. Martco

            well I hope at least you’re not stuck in the same room as a telly if it’s currently showing turgid boring ManU v Chelski

            jasus the English game is well & truly dead, who’d pay to travel to the likes of OT anymore for that muck escapes me

            hope them builders get moving fastfor you..at least it’s not Cheltenham time…not yet anyway !?

          6. Bertie Blenkinsop

            4 English teams still in the Champions League, 2 as good as through to the last 8, City playing some of the best football seen in living memory, Liverpool with 100 goals and its only February….
            game’s dead alright :)

          7. Frilly Keane

            Up at the 24/7 drive thru launderette now Marty

            Yep no washing machine etc either
            Should be back to business as usual by next weekend.
            Until we move out for the last push in late spring ish

            But I’ll be getting me eye level double oven Martie
            With all the trimmings
            Even a Quooker
            So I’m still in great form

            Bake-Sheeters won’t know themselves when we kick off again

      1. david

        Are you referring to Leo the cheque is in the post varadka
        Who was a disaster in health and keeps putting his foot in his mouth
        He has already got the unionists backs up with his stupid statements
        And if the good Friday agreement fails it will be very hard for Sinn feinn to keep the murderous segment of republicanism from returning to the bomb
        Such is the spectre looming then if they start the unionist thugs will start
        This time maybe the troubles will engulf the whole island of Ireland
        As for a hard border ?
        There will be one its just the EU have not broken this to us

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Having FG have anything to do with the peace process is going to end in tears. But it doesn’t matter to them. Same as their use of Mairia Cahill

          1. david

            Correct but we live in the country that will face murdering terrorists and they will have full garda protection
            It took many decades of the most sickening events for finally to stop it but if it dose resume it will spread down here and it will be far worse than before
            We have very short memories

  1. some old queen

    Observer: Labour inching closer to a customs union position. Only a matter of time before the remain cat is among the brexit pigeons.

    1. anyone

      people keep saying that soqie but I think you have to recognise the fact that May still carries a parliamentary majority. until that changes literally anything could happen but another way of saying is that the UK are edging the EU to a gradual a la carte Brexit position.

      1. some old queen

        True but if Labour come out in favour of remaining in the customs union, which is highly likely now, that adds a lot more weight to remain. May doesn’t carry a parliamentary majority of course, otherwise she wouldn’t need to bribe The Ulster Tlabian.

        It’s all to play for.

        1. david

          Are you for real
          The UK are going and as the EU continue to be the punished there will be no customs union full stop
          We might even see an EU border force ensuring compliance
          As for little Leo verruca he will do what his masters tell him
          As usual when Ireland wakes up it will be too late

          1. some old queen

            Yes I am very much real, as is the majority of British people who are now in favour of remaining, if the polls are anything to go by. And that’s before the food price hikes even kick in.

            Time will tell.

          2. italia'90

            Are you even watching what is being said and not said about Brexit?
            It has now morphed far beyond what most political commentators/journalists had been expecting the outcome to be.
            One of the interesting developments is that it is now influencing the upcoming local elections in GB and early indicators are that the Conservative & Unionist party are in for 2 black eyes, a bloodied nose and 2 fat lips courtesy of Labour/Momentum, especially in London.
            What we are not being informed about is what concerns me and makes me more than suspicious about what Brexit really is about.

  2. david

    What is being said and not said will not sway the British people if by the pipe dream of another referendum being given
    Since Britain voted out there has been no sign of reform just the same waffle
    In fact from the language coming out of Europe to the UK its anything but conciliatory
    Its bully boy and threats
    Europe is a forth Reich a two tire system and look at how they treated us with terms like bombs going off in Dublin if you burn bond holders

    1. some old queen

      None of that changes the fact that after Labour’s shift, the majority of MP;s within the HP now favour remaining in the customs union. Brexit is running out of steam.

    2. italia'90

      Europe and the € are in a weakened position but the British have over played their hand and the Germans know it. They will take a Pyrrhic victory over the Tommies and if the EU collapses, so be it. They have survived bigger adversities in the past.
      Back to the GB Brexit clusterfupp!
      The Brits weren’t really the most committed of members to begin with, were they?
      But they knew that joining the EEC could be to their benefit, especially for banking, tax havens and financial service etc. I’m of the opinion that when they joined, the Bertie Wooster’s in Whitehall had a 2 point plan.
      1) Join and control the levers of power.
      2) If we can’t control it, wreck it from within.
      They were unable to control it, so guess what?

      Whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations, I fear it is bad news for us.
      As GB’s sovereignty is really in Parliament and not the people, there will be a vote in Westminster when the terms of the deal are agreed. There will not be a second referendum. It would not be even considered by most politicians and probably won’t be necessary anyway. Labour would probably win the next GE and the EU would be more favourable to a renegotiation then in all likelihood.
      I can’t help but be biased in hoping that the greatest sub-plot of Brexit is now about delivering a deathly blow to the Conservative and Unionist party(to give them their full name).
      Tories lose, everybody else wins. Hoorah!
      You have more hope of getting reform in the Seanad than the EU at this stage.
      We’re about to lose our best negotiator in future EU treaty and policy agreements. That’s what has our lot scared sh**less! Do you remember the opt outs GB negotiated for us? During all Treaty negotiations, GB were the thoroughbred and we were the jockey. When I say we were the jockey, we drove the horse trailer. When I say we drove the horse trailer, I mean we mucked out the stables back at the yard on the day of the races.
      Since the Brits want out of EU so much, it’s only logical that they will be made pay a punitive price. Otherwise, the other spooked horses in the yard might be tempted to bolt too.
      We are now hostage to JC Juncker, Mme Lagarde, Frau Merkel and Pepe Macron.
      It’s far from an appealing vista isn’t it?
      At least we have Leo the Li Li Liar to keep us laughing every time he does a u-turn.

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