‘I Want To Make A Film About Travellers… If I Can Get Funding’


“I have one or two little things that are coming up. I’m writing and I’m going to direct now. I’ve directed documentaries but I’ve never directed drama. So I’m going to direct because there’s been films made about Travellers – they’ve all been inaccurate, you know…

I finally want to make the film about Travellers in this country, made by a Traveller, if I can get funding for that, but I suppose I’ll make it anyway somehow. I think once you decide to do it, you decide to do it and you make people believe you’re going to do it – then it’ll happen.

‘I have a spotlight. People listen to me.’ John Connors on his controversial award speech (The Guardian)

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30 thoughts on “‘I Want To Make A Film About Travellers… If I Can Get Funding’

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Crikey! They’re not taking any prisoners today. No booboos or somesuch replacement: just deletions.

  1. anne

    Was Brad Pitt not a traveller in that movie Snatch? It was probably a bit far fetched but accurate enough I thought.

  2. Charlie

    He slagged off the Film Board so that might be a tricky route. Being a half daycent actor doesn’t mean a lot if you’re looking to get funding as a director. Presenting a good idea with an excellent treatment is the best option.

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