Last week, with a twenty five euro Golden Discs voucher on offer, we asked you to select your favourite piece of ambient music

You replied in your blissed out tens

But there could be only one winner.

In reverse order then.

Tomboy – Panda Bear

Ed: writes:

This makes makes me feel like I’m listening to a choir that are all shroomed up.

Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me

Gorugeen: writes:

I am partial to the ambient sounds of Keep the streets empty for me by Fever Ray as it makes me feel like I’m drifting through a sepia frozen street scape in the dead of night with a secret lover and we can’t tell if we might actually be foxes.

Sigur Rós’ – Ára Bátur

YupYup writes:

I am partial to the ambient sounds of Sigur Rós’ Ára Bátur as it is amazing, it feeds you, it is soulful. It is immense with sadness, happiness, relief, pleasure. I don’t know the lyrics, I don’t know if I want to know them. It is what you take; it is real. The version live at Abbey Road above is beautiful.

Thomas Tallis – 40 part motet- Spem in Alium

Verbatim writes:

I am partial to the ambient sounds of 40 part motet- Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis as it makes me feel that I have a sixth sense.



The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld

LeopoldGloom writes:

it makes me feel all a little bit disconnected, but in a good way. There’s so much going in, but you can just zone out and relax to it…Honorable mentions to Alone in Kyoto by Air, Looped by Kiasmos, and XTAL by Aphex Twin…. or Orbital’s Live Version of Belfast from Glastonbury. It’s a thing of beauty.

Mr Scruff – Get A Move On

Penfold writes:

This  makes me feel like having a lazy head bob sitting out on a deck in the summer. Funky jazzy beats, relaxing like a decent tea after a shite meeting, or the first pint after a shite week. Maybe I just need to change jobs.


Klaus Schulze – Mirage

Hans Zeuthof writes:

I am partial to the ambient sounds of Klaus Schulze’s Mirage as its two pieces, Velvet Voyage and Crystal Lake, both 30 minutes long, make me feel like I’m actually on a ship which has broken its moorings and is drifting serenely across a calm sea on a clear sky night. The serenity, however, begins to disappear with the sounds of birds and rising waves, along with shooting stars above. This rising crescendo climaxes as the drifting ship reaches a foreign shore … and all that ensues …
It’s pure one hour of bliss … and probably Klaus’s best and purest sound … check what can only be described as an approaching bass in Velvet Voyage at the 10 minute mark on …

Thanks all

Golden Discs

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