Missing Your Beast?




Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6

Sinabfhuil writes:

HUGE dog found in Harold’s cross tonight. He was very hungry and thirsty. A sweet dog, but doesn’t seem to be trained to voice or gesture (unless in another language or something)…

He might be just a little husky?


28 thoughts on “Missing Your Beast?

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    He is a creature of the snow.

    He blew in on the back of the beast and he shall be gone with the aftermath.

    1. Shayna

      To be fair, he looks in fine shape, huge – it’s in the eye of the beholder? I see water has been offered to him. He may wander on to his next town putting wrongs to rights, solving the unsolvable things that only enigmatic wandering dogs do, along with a lot of dog poo on the pavements…. I’ve named him (in my head) “Knave” – Good night Knave – how brave thou art, etc…

  2. Sinabhfuil

    Gone again. I let him out for a pee before six, and he romped a bit, then raced off down the road and wouldn’t come back. Put a coat and wellingtons over my pyjamas and followed him with a whistle, but he went off, back down Harold’s Cross Road, and hasn’t returned. I hope he’s ok.

  3. Martco

    what’s the craic where all youse live?

    have to say where I am at moment in DL it looks like a load of oul hype…

      1. Martco

        ah a good one that but I’m back in work already now tho so have to lay off the youtube for a bit sadly

  4. Margaret

    Looks like an American Akita. Beautiful animals. It’s not a language thing, they just don’t obey. They’d be impervious to the Strategic Communiation’s Unit. You have to ask, to persuade an Akita. They’re double coated and love the cold and the snow, the colder the better. They love their owners deeply and are intensely loyal, so hopefully it’s back home.

  5. Bertie Blenkinsop

    You could put a saddle on that and get Michael D to Grand Marshal the Patrick’s day parade

  6. Sinabhfuil

    No, Happy, that’s a different dog, a Malamute – white-faced.
    Got him back again so I’m still holding him for his owner.

    1. The Ghost of Starina

      fair play to you! akitas are suuuuper smart but a bit rebellious as a result – don’t be alarmed if he goes bounding off again at the next pee break. he knows where your house is now :)

  7. Sinabhfuil

    If the weather is walkable I’ll bring him to a vet later. Apparently this breed is legally required to be microchipped. Someone’s claiming him, but will wait to get the confirmation of the chip, to be sure he’s going to the right person.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Mark in Terenure Vet Hospital is your man there Sinner
      and if that handsome lad is from the area he might already know who he is
      another lad that knows the Doggie population in that area is Paddy Cullen
      at the P & E Kennels on Clonard Road
      So if you’re struggling with your guest
      Paddy will take him in as he is also a Rescue
      And he’d only be a 20 min walk if that from Sundrive SuperValu which must be near you there

  8. Sinabhfuil

    Dog’s been returned to his owner – couldn’t get him to a vet, unfortunately.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Fair play.

      And cheers for the update. Looks like an aul dote of a god.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Hah! I could’ve said dog, but I didn’t.

        He’s a dotey wee snow god.

  9. Sinabhfuil

    Lovely, lovely dog. Absolutely refused to get into a 4×4, obviously a principled socialist. So I had to take it on faith and bring him to the address of the guy who said he owned him. Where he leapt over the wall gladly to greet the resident, so it’s probably ok. He’d been cautious enough with me and others in the first place.

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