This morning.

IFSC, Custom House Quay, Dublin 2

Alan Bracken writes:

Drive took the red light and thought he would make it. People, including a girl with a pram, had to walk around…Rush to refill the taps in the pubs after the weather?

Screeching UPDATE: Driver responds (see comments)

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36 thoughts on “Overspill

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    If you look closely at the building in the background you can see the reflection of Alan’s pursed lips and indignant expression……

  2. reidman

    Driver makes mistake and gets it wrong at the lights – cue moral outrage, I mean, you might have to wait 20 seconds, this is really terrible, take the day off

  3. Bruncvik

    This is par for the course. I run to/from work almost every day through the Docklands, and I’ve seen a Guinness truck across the crosswalk so many times that by now I fear them more than cyclists when crossing the road. One time I actually had to stop and take a photo, after one of the trucks almost ran over a fellow runner ahead of me: . Apparently, the driver believes that when he’s across his solid line on the lights, he can go regardless of the right of way, and he tried to barrel over the runner who was crossing on his green light.

    I ended up reporting the truck license plate to Garda. Wasn’t interested in the outcome, so can’t tell whether anything has been done.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      “now I fear them more than cyclists”……..

      Took you a while to reach that conclusion?

      1. Joe Small

        Saw a cyclist scream into the face of a small middle-aged woman along the Docklands yesterday after she said something to him about cycling on the pavement. Obviously I’d rather get hit by a cyclist than a truck, but all categories of the travelling public have their gobpoos. No one has a monopoly on being the victim here.

        1. Joe Small

          Just for the record, I never said “gobpoos” – its a lovely edit by broadsheet and a well known aspect of their adorable policy regarding profane language. I mean, really?! Loo-lah lumpkins!

          1. Ippity

            Broadsheet’s editors are gobpoos who are offended by normal Irish usage. and I am a silly billy boo boo pants.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            You’ve got to play the fuppers at their own game.
            Not that I think they’re fuppers. I just like typing it. Fupping fuppers. Fupp this for a game of soldiers.

      2. Bruncvik

        Well, compared to big rigs, getting his by cyclists is like death from a thousand cuts, but so far I’ve been just getting cuts and haven’t been smeared all over the pavement.

    2. Jimmy Ireland

      How do you know someone runs to and from work every day? They tell you at the first opportunity.

      1. Bruncvik

        I have the utmost respect for anyone who runs, jogs, cycles, walks or otherwise moves to better themselves, regardless of their age, shape or size. Same for manual labourers who obviously get more than their share of exercise during their work. I usually don’t think about office critters who spend their days driving, sitting in front of their computers or TVs. But I have absolutely no respect for people who belittle others’ fitness habits.

    3. H

      Bruncvik – Did you think about reporting it to their employer, they might be able to persuade their driver to be a bit more careful in future.

  4. Rugbyfan

    Alan you need to get to work and stop brining silly problems to Broadsheet. Here we prefer updates on who is on the Late Late, the Ray DArcy Show, and the occasional funny post litterd monthly with Fails of the month videos!

  5. Col

    This happened to me three times on my 10 minutes walk to work from the bus.
    It’s annoying, but not noteworthy. I’ve done it as a driver too.

  6. edalicious

    Dublin has a chronic problem with people overshooting the stop line and parking across pedestrian crossings. I can forgive the odd person not quite making the lights but even people who pull up to lights after they’re red still just roll way past the stop line and plonk themselves in the wrong place. The canal bridges during the evening rush hour is the absolute worst; people just completely disregard the pedestrian/cycle crossing so you end up with about 40 cyclists and pedestrians trying to squeeze in both directions around bumper to bumper cars.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Aye. It’s a pain. But then you’ve pedestrians stepping out in front of bikes and cars all the time and cyclists breaking the cycle lights all the time too. Everyone’s a poo-poohead.

  7. Murtles

    Dagnammit man the Bar Soup truck has the right of way. If I’d my way I’d give them blue lights and a siren. There’s a big sporting weekend on the way, supplies must be replenished.

  8. Trucker Billy

    Hi Alan,
    My name is trucker Billy. (Obviously the trucker part is just a nickname, cleverly formed around my occupation as a truck driver.) I was driving that truck this morning. What is just out of the picture is a little old lady, who decided shed had enough of the lack of fresh bread and stepped out in front of my truck. I slammed on the brakes and hopped down to talk to her. Im sorry that you had to walk around the truck, it must have been so traumatizing for you. Im sitting here sipping guinness (dont judge, its my job!) browsing social media, and I stumble across this.
    If you wish, we can deal with this man to man?

    1. George

      Man to man? Is that supposed to be a threat? Your employer might appreciate you clarifying that comment.

      1. Trucker Billy

        Man to man as in by direct email my friend. I don’t know what films you watch, but round my parts man to man means personally and directly.
        Would’ve been a lot worse had I struck the old dear. Instead of a man being inconvenienced and walking a few yards extra, we wouldve had an ould dear with little chance of surviving, so pardon me for using my brakes a little too hastily.
        God i love, nothing beats scrolling through Broadsheet while I inch through the traffic

    2. Chucky R. Law

      Hmmm. There appears to be a grey bus immediately in front of you. How does that fit in with the sequence of events?

  9. AssPants

    BS; you must be part of Leo’s SCU if you find #me2 to be offensive to somebody.

    We all know what that campaign is about, a bunch of well healed individual who have security in their personal and financial position in life and decide now is the time to be offended by the conduct of their relevant industry…. to which they partook and enjoyed the benefit of same.

  10. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    I don’t think this image is a fair representation of the reality. These truck drivers are professionals; they’re not going to risk their jobs by being deliberately unlawful or difficult. They’re human and get it wrong at times sure. Nor can they be responsible for the ebb and flow of traffic. No nobody died here.

    The real problems are caused by cyclists, Ahmed in his 99-MN reg Nissan Micra on the takeaway delivery gig, the White Van driving shower, and cyclists who can get away with what they like.

    And if you’re “running” in Dublin along the quays, well…. good luck with that excuse.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Mr Andy accused me of being racist when I said that any Micra being driven badly has an Indian in it. After a week or two he had to agree with me. I have a feeling the driving test in India is wee wee easy.

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