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Cameras to catch motorists breaking red lights are to be installed at three notorious blackspots in Dublin more than two years after a trial detected 1,300 drivers ignoring the signals at one city centre junction.

The roll-out has prompted calls for a much wider extension of the technology across the city amid estimates “hundreds of thousands” of potentially life-endangering red light running offences are going unpunished in the capital every year.


Cameras to be installed at three blackspots to catch red light runners (Irish Times)





A cracked traffic light on the junction of Blarney Street and Shanakiel Road [Cork] is casting an eerie glow onto the face of Christ on the cross at the adjacent grotto.

Believed to have appeared on the weekend of Corpus Christi, the site has now attracted people to pray there after dark, when the light is most prominent.

‘Local man Terry’ said:

“The light crosses the road, goes up at a 45 degree angle. It starts out as a pin and then it gets bigger like a projector and shines up onto the cross. It picks out only the figure on the cross.”

God Giving Cork The Green Light? (Cork Evening Echo)

Pic Denis Scannel via Evening Echo

[Mr Justice Anthony Halpin]

[Tallaght District Court] Judge Halpin told Sergeant Bernard Jones: “Maybe we should consider introducing a light between amber and a red. Could you convey this to the authorities. The amber light isn’t working. When people see it, they speed up. We will cut out all traffic accidents.”

Right so.

Judge suggests blue traffic lights to cut road crashes (irish Times)

90299814Soon, they say.

Motorists head towards the traffic lights at Newlands Cross and the N7 route to Cork and Limerick, as they come off the M50 and the Red Cow Junction, this evening.

Eamon Farrell writes:

Work is to start immediately on a freeflow junction at Newlands Cross. This will means that motorists can drive from Belfast to Cork without encountering any traffic lights. It is the set of lights at Newlands cross which still causes gridlock at the infamous Red Cow Roundabout and traffic trying to access it from the M50.


(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)