You Spin Me Right Round


This morning.

National Museum, Dublin 2.

Orla writes:

There is no escape….More ‘strategically’ placed Project Ireland propaganda paid for by you and me….

Four complaints to ASAI over Project 2040 adverts (RTÉ)


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12 thoughts on “You Spin Me Right Round

    1. dav

      ah, the “ff were doing it, so we’ll ape them” argument.. how typical of civilwarshirts…

        1. david

          And nothing built yet just talk then talk then talk then blame fianna fail then storm Emma the the brits

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        Green Party if you must know.
        I resent marketing of State bodies.
        Advertising which quango oversaw a road project is utterly wasteful – like those redundant ads for ESB pre-competition (Great, ESB, I think I’ll switch on some lights…)

        1. Andrew

          theo you must understand, that to dav everyone he disagrees with is a ‘blushirt’ as he normally spells it.

          1. dav

            we can soon expect a fg tent at the galway races because ” it’s no different to what happened in bertie’s time”….

  1. b

    i think the answer is for the government to issue trigger warnings before any ad so people won’t get offended by information

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The difference is that the EU part funded those projects, and it was required that both the Irish Government and the EU were mentioned on signage. The EU required it. Varadkars on a solo run for his and his party benefit only.

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