A Pro-Life Pattern


Noel Patrún also known as Noel C Pattern 

Gorugeen Fingleton writes:

You may recall those ‘My Abortion’ story billboards. The Noel featured turns out is a fake. Save8.ie have since deleted his story (this is the cached page)

Considerable (well, not really. It was pretty straightforward) leg work went into proving this guy is not a nurse, has a city and guilds cert that appears altered (provided to us by Pro-Life activist John McGurk), has lied about his experience, is a self confessed convicted armed robber and self-professed gun runner…

Instead of doing the sensible thing and throwing him under a bus ( OMG he lied to us) John McGurk and Save the 8th are claiming Noel left the campaign because of bullying by repealers.

This was either a very clumsy attempt at duping folks or it was incompetence on a grand scale. Either way I for one hope they continue with such own goals. Its awfully entertaining!

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John McGuirk writes:

I’m writing to provide some clarification to your piece .

The central claim of your piece is that Noel Pattern is not a registered nurse. Helpfully, you provide both a link to his video, and to the billboard ad featuring him, neither of which say he was a nurse.

The billboard says “I worked in the abortion theatre, I’ll never forget what I saw”.

Mr. Pattern served as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) in an NHS hospital from 2001 to 2005. I am happy to provide broadsheet, privately, with the contact details of Mr. Pattern’s colleagues who worked alongside him at that time if your website wishes to verify his employment independently.

An Operating Theatre Practitioner is the person who prepares patients for surgery, and assists those performing the operation.

When a surgeon says “scalpel, please”, it is usually handed to him by an ODP. ODP’s are often referred to as “circulation” or “scrub” nurses, even though they are not actually nurses.

The accusation that we have produced a false or misleading ad is completely false. The ad states simply that Mr. Pattern worked in an operating theatre when abortions were provided – this is absolutely true. Your piece says that “considerable legwork went in to proving that this guy was not a nurse”.

Sadly, this effort was somewhat in error, and could have been expended just as productively in an effort to prove that he was not an astronaut, either. The claim that he is a nurse simply doesn’t appear in our advertisement.

These attacks on Mr. Pattern are unfortunate, and have left him somewhat shaken. At his request, we have removed his name from her website, but for the avoidance of doubt, we stand over the content of the advertisements we issued.

John McGuirk, communications director for Savethe8.ie, this evening.




Ah here.


Oh, come on now.

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106 thoughts on “A Pro-Life Pattern

      1. ReproBertie

        His “practicioner” cert above is dated 2 years after he claimed to start working for the NHS.

        His name does not appear on the NHS database meaning he was never registered to work for them.

        He is not listed on the register of nurses in Ireland or the UK under either of his names.

        He wrote about the robbery and gun running in the book “Forgiving Ferns”.

        1. newsjustin

          The whole thing seems dodgy alright. You’d have thought some basic due diligence would have resolved this before a press campaign.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Why would they bother? Someone comes to them with a story and they’re so rabid to get it out on their expensive billboards that they don’t care if it’s true or not. They’re so desperate to cling to the notion that an abortion is like a scene from the Red Wedding in GOT, that anyone validating their gore porn fantasies gets the mobile ad van treatment.

            Crisis actors and lies…

        2. david

          Seems to me its like a cert taken on a course like how to wash your hands or how to close a door or many of the thousands of courses when you work in the public sector
          Of course tipexing half of it out looks quite dodgy
          Google these carts on Google and it certainly looks very different
          Mind you I wonder when they will dig out some thing to discredit the man
          Maybe tomorrow documents will emerge that he trained under Joseph mengler

  1. Rob_G

    “is a self confessed convicted armed robber and self-professed gun runner”

    – yikes; you would they would have found someone nicer to play their fake abortion nurse…

          1. Well

            The article is essentially an advert for his book “forgiving ferns” be interesting to know what’s true out of any of it..

      1. postmanpat

        if it is? Jesus! He was put through the ringer. Poor bastard! And I don’t mean that in a nasty way. He had a raw deal . I feel really sorry for him. The most heartbreaking thing is, is that the church always wins. No matter what they do. Here is a man that was molested by a priest in training , ruined his life and he’s back working for them? This repeal referendum will fail. I can feel it. The pro-Life crowd have the zeal that the pro-choice will never have. Girls, better stick some money in a travel to UK fund and prepare for a bummer of a trip if you get caught with an unwanted pregnancy. This abortion ban is going nowhere. Pro-choice will win by a slight margin. Ill drag my lazy arse to the voting stations and do my part but I know Ill see multiple deputized church mini busses drive past me on the way, shuttling all my religious neighbors there and home again. and if they don’t make an effort to vote against then its “literal” hell to pay for them if the repeal goes through and they cant explain their laziness to St. Peter . Pro-life will win by 58% id say. This referendum would be better off postponed for another 5 to 8 years to wait for the uber-zealots to die off and get more enlightened youths up to voting age.

        1. ReproBertie

          “This repeal referendum will fail”
          “Pro-choice will win by a slight margin”
          “Pro-life will win by 58%”

          Yeah but no but yeah?

          1. Cian

            I wouldn’t say that a 42%:58% result is a ‘slight margin’.
            I’d say it was a big win (to whichever side)

        2. John Ericson

          But you’re an American; why would someone who uses American spelling vote in an irish referendum?

      2. John bhoy

        His timeline of certain things don’t line up, the way he said about running guns in the north, republicans (provisional) never used a child as he was at the time,his explanation of changing his name by deed poll and years later being found out of his real name is pure bollix, any warrants would have been checked out when changing his name at the time, extradition during the 80s took much longer than he said and as it was a category A crime he said he was arrested for then there is absolutely no way he would have been held on remand in the scrubs , he would have been in Brixton or because he said it was only a week before extradition it more likely he would have been held in Paddington green, this sounds like a total fabrication, of his story is too be believed he was better than James Bond, I’m surprised he didn’t say he was the notorious one shot paddy who operated around south Armagh, a gun runner my arse, and his always carried a gun shit is total crap,as no member of the movement ever carried outside of operations,all were held by a quarter master,,,, and he’s also stated in the past that he had cancer that was lies, the certificate for his city and guilds was not the way they looked in the uk in the 80s , I know that for a fact as I passed my c+g during that period

    1. postmanpat

      The way they see it, some document fraud is nothing compared to the murder of innocent human life. The end justifies the means. This is a holy battle.

      1. ahjayzis


        More of this!

        The more you look like crazed loons waving your sad backward superstitions around the better :)

        1. postmanpat

          I said “The way they see it.” I’m pro-choice . That said I don’t think the repeal will go through in a vote. There are too many religious people who believe in heaven and hell in this country. And if you believe in heaven then abortion is murder then it is your duty to do anything and everything in your power to keep the 8th. This includes fraud which we have seen with this Pattern fella. Moderate/ fair weather Catholics the type that get there kids baptized (most of the country) will make an excuse to be unavailable on voting day and hedge there bets with the man up stairs. So the Yes voters will be me , you, a few students who aren’t too hungover to get to the voting stations on the day Vs all the OAP believers who don’t expect to be around in 5 years time and see this as their last chance to thumb the scales of morality plus they will be all getting free lifts from all the Noel C Patterns out there with access to a mini bus. The Pro-choice activists would be better organizing the same thing if they want to win this thing. That way everyone is happy. Abortion is legalized, the religious tried their best so they get a pat on the head from JC for the effort come death time. The cowards who stayed at home for lame reasons during an important vote like this (most of the country) can , drop dead for all I care, they aren’t the type of people I have time for. At least both sides have principals. You see, this isn’t like the gay marriage vote. Most auld wans didn’t care about what a couple of funny queer fellas got up to, most auld fellas wouldn’t get off their bums to vote for or against that type of thing either. So no one really saw a problem with who put what where as long as no one was getting hurt. Gay marriage went through . no problem, except Roscommon-South Letrim. Abortion is a whole different thing in peoples heads Have a look at this: http://www.thejournal.ie/constituency-count-same-sex-marriage-referendum-2120378-May2015/ if you take 15 percent from the yes side and add to the no side, county by county. you have what I think will be the results of this abortion referendum. Only Dublin and half of Galway and Cork will vote to appeal and only then barely.

    2. david

      Now e will see it the baying mob ganging up on anyone who is pro life
      I am waiting for the wording and if fatal is removed from fatal foetal abnormality I will vote against removal of the eight
      I would say by the time they have finished they will make a complete dogs dinner

        1. david

          Voting to remove something without a clue about what will replace it
          If this is so I will vote no
          Its not that I am against abortion or wanting rape victims or incest victims or women carrying a dead baby like savita
          Its knowing our history it always ends up arse ways
          The fact we are not to see the wording means what they have planned could be worse than what is already there
          I have a mentally handicapped nephew and when the citizens assembly recommended dropping the dreaded fatal bit because it was offensive to some set alarm bells ringing
          Its up to the people to decide not unelected quangos or politicians
          This is for the people to decide and frankly can anyone trust our government? No

          1. ReproBertie

            The reason we’re not seeing the wording is that this referendum will remove abortion from the constitution and hand the authority to the houses of the Oireachtas to pass legislation on it. Do you do any research before posting?

            Also, “Mentally handicapped”? Charming phrase you have there. How is life in the 70s?

          2. postmanpat

            So your only for choice in the case of healthy rape baby ,probably healthy incest baby and not compatible with birth baby? And against it where the mother is not willing to raise a unwanted non rape kid or “special” kid. because your nephew is so great. and everyone should be forced to carry on with a “special ” pregnancy? My niece is “special”. I still think her parents should have aborted her , she’s only getting worse. Its not all fun and games like Corky from Life Goes On you know. The parents are at their wits end and its not fair on the siblings. At some point she will be carted off to a home. Not a nice ending but their you go. At least the Pro-Life crowd make have consistent internal logic that I don’t agree with. I don’t know what you are saying. You say “Its knowing our history it always ends up arse ways” can you give any past examples and how they would relate to abortion legislation? The current system doesn’t work. So you would vote No and keep a system that you know doesn’t work , because… your nephew? what?

  2. Rowsdower

    In fairness, the billboard only said he worked in the abortion theater and he’d never forget what he saw.

    Maybe he was doing some electrical work and saw a rather amusing strip of Garfield while he was there.

    1. ReproBertie

      There was an accompanying article when the billboard was launched where he spoke about arriving home from work to find baby parts in his shirt pocket.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Heh. Can you imagine what kind of medical procedure would lead to body parts flying around so much that they could sneak in through your gown and down into your pocket. Like in Alien only worse.


          1. newsjustin

            You see. Further proof that there are, in fact, funny abortion jokes.

            (Dark af obvs, but funny)

        1. Sarah

          Cian, you’re right. You’re going to hell unless you repent. Your consciences are so seared that you joke about aborted babies. Shame on you all. You should fear God and repent, because the wrath of God abides on you. Every breath He gives you is a gift and an opportunity to repent,turn from your sin before He takes it away.

          1. Nigel

            Which is worse, a joke about someone who lies about aborted baby parts in pockets to promote a political agenda, or the lies about aborted baby parts in pockets to promote a political agenda? Which is the more likely to get you hellbound?

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      He claimed to have 25 years experience in the NHS and McGuirk, in the defending phase, said Patrun was involved in 9 abortions a day.

  3. thefatlad

    It didn’t take a genius to twig that this whole thing was horse poop.

    The fact that there’s still no details online for Caren Ni Hallachain anywhere indicates to me that she’s a made up person or that her story is b*ll*x. As such, why are there not repercussions for “Save 8” deliberately lying?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Caren Hallahan is on the Bord Altranais register as inactive. She was a qualified nurse and now she’s an osteopath in Dungarvan.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    The antis have aborted Noel from the campaign faster than a Ryanair flight to Liverpool. Seems they’ve thrown him under the bus mobile ad van.

  5. The Ghost of Starina

    scarlet. and not surprising. but the damage has been done — there will be plenty of rural aul wans going “didja hear about the man who worked in the operating room, he said he’d never forget it!”

  6. some old queen

    By any means necessary is their motto folks so expect more misrepresentations, lies and downright deceit. It is only starting unfortunately.

    But, it’s not looking good so far. First they offended people with DS, then gory false pictures and now using people of questionable character. What’s next I wonder?

  7. stephen

    Is there anything that can be done about blatant deception like this.
    As far as I know ASAI won’t deal with it as they are not advertising a product/service.
    Referendum Commission wash their hands of it also as their job is just to distribute correct information about the actual changes in the referendum.
    Its not slander or libel. Could they be taken to court for fraud? I doubt it.
    Surely there must exist some mechanism to deal with blatant lies like this though.

    1. Frill the 8th

      Is there anything that can be done about blatant deception like this.
      Just call them liars

  8. Neilo

    There is such a mechanism: combat falsehoods with truth. No need for quangos to get involved.

    1. postmanpat

      Awww!! But If I ran such a toothless quango I could pay myself a nice salary (which I would obviously increase by 15% every year) and not have to worry about results. Just bill the government for more of that sweet public money and drive my company car and stay in hotels all over the country. Oh Yeah!! Good times are back!

  9. Thomas Troy

    It doesn’t really matter if it true or not because killing babies in the womb is something like breaking eggs in a birds nest, nothing can justify it, all ye non believers can make all the jokes you like but you are only fooling yourselves if you think you will not pay the price for your ambivalence some day. We will all reap what we sow some day.

      1. Nice Anne

        Would love scrambled eggs and soldiers now.
        and a rasher…
        and a couple of sausages….
        and some mushrooms cooked in a sprinkle of salt and a few drops of soy sauce
        and a fried cherry tomato (or 3)
        and the flat of a fried onion….
        Wholegrain toast with seeds…..

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I’m a believer in lots of things like, the passing of time, or *looks out winbdow* blue skies, and green grass… and I also believe i just saw snow in the corner of the garden… in March !


      Hey, hey, hey!
      I’m a believer, we could repeal if we tried

          1. The Ghost of Starina

            Or (If we’re going to talk about the religious’ obsession with Life Itself) not imprisoning somebody who helps their terminally ill spouse end their life with dignity.

    2. ahjayzis

      Rather spend eternity in hell than an hour in heaven with you god bothering, curtain-twitching, sex-obsessed virginal saddo’s.

    3. The Ghost of Starina

      keep your rosaries off my ovaries, mate. If I want to doom myself to hell, that’s my fupping choice. Worry about your own soul. Anyway I can repent on my deathbed and it’s all forgiven.

    1. well

      There’s screenshots of the lad claiming he was 18 years in psychiatric nursing and Obstetrics…

  10. Anne

    I have no idea why anyone listens to or takes John McGurk seriously. He was in college the year above me. Barely got his degree, kicked out of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, caused a whole pile of controversy from what I remember. Failed to get elected to the Student Union (I think he did get some obscure role later though that was unopposed) made a mess up of something to do with Lucinda Creighton, dabbled with Libertas, failed attempt to run for election himself in Monaghan etc etc. the guy is a mouthpiece. No doubt if they offered him enough cash and opportunity to be self important he would move to the Repeal side.

    1. gorugeen

      Updated. John McGuirk now admits Noel pattern is not a nurse. Pattern admits altering the cert to make it more readable. check out the Twitter link above for a demolition of the whole thing. This ain’t over.

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