Lambay Pamby



Lambay Island, County Dubliin

Privately owned.  No unauthorised access. And that includes you, Dermot Bannon .

Aine Kerrigan writes:

In the latest ‘Room to Improve ‘behind the scenes’ clip on RTÉ Player, Dermot is excited to discover he is about to tick one major item off his architectural bucket list as he sets about Lambay Island, home of Lambay Castle designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, a hero of his.

The boat trip takes a turn for the worst, however, when Dermot learns the island is closed to public access and he will have to ‘make do’ viewing from afar…

RTÉ Player

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16 thoughts on “Lambay Pamby

  1. The Old Boy

    An architect fails to do his homework properly, goes off half-cocked, wastes a lot of money and everyone ends up disappointed.

    At least it’s realistic.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      When I want terminal stress in my marriage, I’ll be sure to call Dermot Bannon.

    2. some old queen

      If everyone in your life is filthy rich then yes it probably is realistic. When is he going to do a normal house on a normal budget?

      1. Neilo

        @SOQ: see also Home Of The Year – lip service is paid to innovative and inexpensive gaffs but the rosette nearly always goes to the biggest, priciest, echoey-est piece of warmed-over Neutraesque hackwork they can find.

        1. some old queen

          Absolutely. Glorified over grown greenhouses for people with more money than sense. Just once a final review which doesn’t use the words ‘airy’ or ‘light’ would be nice.

          Curtains to keep heat in? Sure that would block the light. Did I mention the LIGHT from the 5 metre high single pane window costing 80k?

          I’m no architect but I expect there are rules about blending into the landscape and sensitivity towards the local environment etc. How in God’s name did some of those things even get planning permission?

          1. Neilo

            @SOQ: I think that these lightbox houses are often preferred by planners on the coastline – some nice examples downhill from Sorrento Terrace in Dalkey – but seeing solid, vernacular cottages in more pastoral settings with bolted-on, double-height brag wings makes me equally curious.

    3. scottser

      bannon thinking he could just saunter up to baron revelstoke’s family seat without so much as by-your-leave? he should be flogged for his impertinance.

  2. Fairhill

    Unable to keep to a budget, changes things without sign off from the clients, makes huge gaffs adding unwanted windows and window seats, and a bit of a space cadet most of the time.

    Where do I sign up the dream team

    Classic last week space cadet client meets space cadet architect

  3. Martco

    jasus. instead I’d prefer to deep clean my oven with that new eco friendly & less than new useless caustic soda replacement stuff than watch that


    instead watch that new bbc2 programme “The Worlds Most Extraordinary Houses” with Caroline Quentin & Piers Taylor (proper architect) for my property p0rn fix

    1. Tony

      Ah who watches Room To Improve for ‘property porn’? You watch it for the craic and the punters like yer one last week

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    Ah jaysus he was in the area and I missed the chance to push him into the sea.

    A true pity.

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