Womb It Concerns


Last night.

The Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1

Pro choice activist Hannah Monaghanzo (top Pic) joins sisters Aisling O’Connor and Cathriona O’Connor (above) and Students for Choice at a rally for The coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment.

Last night: +1918

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41 thoughts on “Womb It Concerns

  1. bisted

    …Paddy Power betting on there being no change to the Constitution after the referendum has gone from 9/2 to 7/4 in less than 2 weeks…still good value imo…anti-choicers are winning where it matters – mobilising the vote…

    1. Charlie

      Ye, all Paddy Power pretend money I bet to lure the sucker. 2/5 to have it amended seems more real. Paddy’s a gangster.

          1. rotide

            Instead of combing american forums for catchy nicknames, you should probably look up how bookies work.

          2. bisted

            …I thought that was what you were suggesting…but the odds on offer suggest that a repeal vote has gone from a racing certainty to a much closer race…I’m suggesting that the pro-choice advocates are complacent…

          3. Charlie

            No it doesn’t. It suggest that it will most likely be passed (2/5). The 7/4 quoted stinks of Paddy Power shenanigans.

      1. rotide

        I would suggest the students wear”I can’t w8 to repeal the 8″ t shirts until they get it

        1. Nigel

          I can’t w8 to b8 the 8th. It’s f8, it’ll be gr8, howaya K8, don’t be l8 or you won’t get a s8.

  2. Grace

    I see disgraced ex UCD pres Katie Ascough has a high profile article on the Irish Times this morning.
    The Iona crew still got it with the media by the looks of things.

    That’s fine Katie love, you never have an abortion so, but don’t be so arrogant as to presume to tell other women how to manage what goes on in their own bodies.

    1. Peter Dempsey

      “That’s fine….”
      Your tone suggests otherwise and indicates that you would prefer her to have an abortion.

      “Abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor” (Not you – somebody else)

      What if the doctor is a man?

      1. Ami B and BS

        Is this like one of those cryptic quiz questions where the answer is that the doctor is your mam?

      2. Grace

        Ha hardly – in reality it’s none of my business if she has an abortion or not – it is of course between her and her doctor. However I resent the fact that she is writing such a high profile piece, which if the 8th is retained, would block the choice element for Irish women now and into the future. Its not like abortions are going to be mandatory if it is repealed, just that the women who would rather not be pregnant, don’t have to be.
        If only prolifers would occasionally think about the actual woman in all of this, rather than obsessing over the tiny fetus.

  3. Neilo

    This Ascough person was IMPEACHED by a student union?? Oh, the disgrace! Just as well her hands have been wrested from the levers of power *retreats to chaise longue with fan for some tepid beef tea*

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Is beef tea different to consommé?
      Ah, it’s ok. I couldn’t wait for your answer so I googled. It’s unclarified consommé. A kind of unresolved consommé, if you will.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            No Bovril in our gaff as we grew up. Mum thought it was common. Same with ketchup: she’d put it in a ramekin under sufferance if we had visitors.

            Notions to bate the band.

    1. Nigel

      I followed Daisy Chainsaw’s link on the other thread to find whatsisface, honestly can’t remember his name and can’t be bothered to look, (McGurk?) trying to drown out the scandal of their lying lies by claiming the turnout was small by using pictures taken at angles and distances that made it impossible to judge the turnout, which was weird.

      1. newsjustin

        In fairness, I think there’s always the back and forth about numbers after any pro choice or pro life march. I don’t know what the actual number last night was, or if it met the expectations of the organisers.

        I know it was International Women’s Day yesterday, but I’d have thought it’d make more sense to have their big pro-choice march/rally on a weekend. Like the pro life campaigners are doing tomorrow.

        1. Nigel

          Obviously I have no idea, but yer man was going on about well past the point of tedium.

    2. Anne

      I don’t know if turnout matters. Myself and my friends have all discussed how we and our other halves are voting for repeal, as are my parents – but none of us have ever gone on a March.

  4. david

    I will be voting a big no if the wording that is to replace the eight is not known before the referendum
    I want to know exactly what I am voting for especially if they include by dropping fatal off the foetal
    When a law changes a whole grey area opens up
    The repocussions are frightening and it could lead to downes syndrome children being aborted in Ireland

    1. Brucely

      The 21 principles or provisions, which would underpin the proposed legislation, are:

      – Terminations to be provided on the grounds of risk to health, which includes the risk to life, of pregnant women;

      – No distinction will be made between physical and mental health;

      – Two doctors will be required to assess the appropriateness of a termination on the grounds of a risk to health;

      – One medical practitioner can assess to terminate when there is an emergency risk to health;

      – In the cases of a foetal condition which is likely to result in death before or shortly after birth, a termination can be provided;

      – Two doctors will be required to assess the appropriateness of a termination in such cases (of fatal foetal abnormality);

      – Terminations can be provided up to 12 weeks “without specific indication”;

      – A time period will be required to elapse between the initial assessment by a medical practitioner and the termination of a pregnancy being carried out;

      – Gestational limits will not apply in cases of a foetal condition or on grounds of risk to health;

      – A medical practitioner is defined as anyone certified as an appropriate medical practitioner on the medical register;

      – Termination of pregnancy should be certified by a medical practitioner;

      – Termination of pregnancy should be notified to the Minister for Health by the appropriate medical practitioner;

      – A formal review process can occur for a woman (to review a decision of her doctor) in certain defined circumstances;

      – Conscientious objection will be allowed for;

      – Nothing in legislation will interfere with a woman’s right to travel or seek information;

      – The offence for the destruction of the unborn outside the law will remain;

      – A woman who procures or seeks an abortion would not be guilty of an offence;

      – An annual report will be provided;

      – The Minister for Health would be provided with details of all appeals or reviews carried out;

      – Consent must be given for an abortion; and

      – The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act will be repealed.


      1. david

        Will this be included in the referendum ?
        I was told by many the wording will not be included
        That is a matter of the government

        1. Brucely

          Do you ever bother to look up anything yourself or do you just spend your life assuming things? Of course the wording will be presented before the referendum. Have you ever voted in a referendum before? The wording to be inserted into the constitution is presented to the people and the people get to decide whether to insert it or not.

          In this case the wording will be along the lines of the Oireachtas having the right to pass legislation about abortion. The point of the referendum is to remove abortion from the constitution, not to get into more detail about it.

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