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David Kitt – I Still Don’t Know

First single from Yous, Dubliner Kitt’s first solo record in nine years released this morning.

They say:

The record was largely done by Kitt at his Dublin home, in a “teeny attic room” although old friend and collaborator, Karl Odlum, pops up, and Margie Lewis’s violin plays a crucial role throughout the record, as does Ireland, and more specifically, Dublin.

The city, surrounding countryside, and its inhabitants, are a constant thread throughout, giving the album the feel of a personal travelogue that spans two decades.

Yous (David Kitt)

18 thoughts on “Yous May Like This


    wasn’t yer first ablum made in a ‘little bedsit’ in rathgar/rathmines on a 4 track?
    ye played the poor student card already pal
    + with the p-valley connection, the melancholy tone has always been a bit faux

    1. Charlie

      Would it not be nicer to comment on the video presented and not be such a moany sap?
      I like the track. Very 60s/California/America(the band). Not crazy about the vid.

  2. Bruncvik

    Looks like Vevo, unlike other video streaming services used on this site, is auto-playing its videos on load. I know I shouldn’t be browsing Broadsheet at work, but I do, and I prefer not to let my coworkers know about it. I’d appreciate if you didn’t use Vevo or figured out how to disable their autoplay.

    1. some old queen


      I was playing Omar and trying to get me hole when this started. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Took five minutes to figure where the frig it was coming from.

  3. ZeligIsJaded

    The first 7 seconds is great, but I feel I’ve heard it so many times at this stage, I’m inclined to avoid it forevermore

  4. The Ghost of Starina

    Kitt was one of the reasons the 00s Irish music scene was such a wet blanket.

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