Staying In Tonight?


On First Dates Ireland…

Gareth Naughton, of RTE, writes:

Tonight on RTÉ2 First Dates Ireland welcomes a well-known dater as former Head 2 Toe presenter Pat O’Mahony enters the restaurant in search of love.

Pat is matched with Gemma, who will be familiar to First Dates Ireland fans from series one when she came to the restaurant only to find she had been matched with a man she had already been on a date with….

First Dates Ireland on RTE Two at 9.30pm.

18 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. On The Buses

    Jesus, Pat is still very much an RTE producer, they really aren’t going far in Donnybrook are they?

  2. Neilo

    Like a small planet, O’Mahony’s wok* probably exerts a gravitational pull of its own…researchers locked in his tractor beam.

    *Hat tip: early 90s Brookside – just joshin’ ya, Pat, good to see you out and about.

    1. Andrew

      I’m glad you’re happy to see him out and about
      Pat’s still living high on the hog thanks to the licence fee payer.
      Thankfully I’m not one of them. Yet!

  3. Neilo

    A middle-aged man writes for other middle-aged men: round neck t-shirts with writing of any kind on ’em are UNACCEPTABLE!! unless it’s a charity yoke you have to wear for a sponsored run. Round neck Breton t-shirts – ideally 3/4 length sleeve – are glorious. Unbranded, tailored fit polo shirts in waffle, piqué or jersey are tolerable but go a size down if they look a little billowy and ensure they fit your arms. Never, ever, ever colour-match your shirt, strides and shoes unless you’re shopping a magazine show to North Norfolk Digital.

    1. some old queen

      And tie your trousers just above your belly button for that next season look. With sandals and white socks obviously.

  4. anne

    The last time I caught this, there was two airheads on from Blanch..

    They were worried they said they’d end up on a date with someone from Cork… “yeah, I tots didn’t want a bogger” says one of them. lol

  5. Neilo

    Didn’t want a bogger, indeed. Hardly Liberties Belles themselves, living in the wilds of Blanchardstown.

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