Undetectable News Values


Last night.

TV3’s 5.30pm news broadcast an interview between TV3 journalist Paul Byrne and Richard Satchwell.

Mr Satchwell’s wife Tina, 45, has been missing for a year from their home in Youghal, Co Cork.

A search is currently under way in Mitchell’s Wood in Castlemartyr, Co Cork.

Further to this…

From last night’s interview…

Paul Byrne:Six months ago, I asked you were you willing to take a lie detector test. You said you would. How do you feel about it today?

Richard Satchwell: “At this point, I, myself, don’t feel up to it.”

Byrne: “But people will say that you’ve got something to hide if you don’t take the lie detector test, today or tomorrow.”

Satchwell: “I’ll take a lie detector test when I feel that I’m right. I’ve got nothing to hide, I’m not sleeping too well and I don’t suppose I’ll sleep much at all until the search in Mitchell’s Wood is finished. And when the time, when I feel right, I’ll contact yourself and I’ll take a lie detector test then.”

Byrne: You’re now putting that on record, people will expect you to take that test.”

Satchwell: “I will put on record that, in the future, not today, not tomorrow, but when I feel right, I’ll contact you and I’ll sit down, I’ll take a lie detector test.”

Watch the interview back in full here

30 thoughts on “Undetectable News Values

  1. Nice Anne

    Lie detector tests are scientifically unreliable and admissible in court so what’s the point?

    1. Nice Anne

      Ppl agreeing with me on Broadsheet?
      Have ye all been woke or summit?
      BTW – @ BS – I said UNADMISSABLE not admissible loves.
      Thanks for the edit (narp)

  2. newsjustin

    Have the gardai ever, in the history of the force, ever given anyone a “lie-detector test”? I doubt it.

    Both these gentlemen appear to believe they exist in a (bad) tv cop show.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I used to prefer makeovers on Sally Jessy Raphael. About as useful in the scheme of things, I’d imagine.

  3. TheQ47

    What a waste of time that would be.

    According to the American Psychological Association (http://www.apa.org/research/action/polygraph.aspx)
    Most psychologists agree that there is little evidence that polygraph tests can accurately detect lies.
    According to the Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, two-thirds of the scientific community who have the background to evaluate polygraph (lie-detector) procedures considered polygraphy to be pseudoscience. The US Supreme Court said that the use of polygraph was “no more accurate than coin flip.”

  4. david

    This guy just keeps incriminating himself
    From day one his behaviour is pretty weird and he is as credible as Noonan’s fiscal space
    Time the garda took off the gloves

    1. Andrew

      Keeps incriminating himself? How so?
      The gardai are hoping he will, with all the interviews he’s doing, because I think they have messed this up from the start and have nothing.
      The garda just need to do their job! So far they have abysmally failed to do so. The didn’t even examine his car until he told them he was selling it; several months after his wife went missing.
      I have zero confidence that the gardai have done what they are supposed to do in this case.
      They’ll probably arrest Ian Bailey next

      1. david

        Listen to his interviews
        Plenty on all the local papers going back
        It was I gave her this I gave her that his explanations as to why he took so long to report her missing and the whole money thing he impressed in interviews
        Then we now hear he was violent to her
        A rather toxic relationship
        His stories simply do not add up
        Also I agree the gardai have messed up
        Seems it could be time and motion as in manpower ie raising revenue with motorists
        The Ian bailey thing is also a cock up and funny enough well the French soon will be sending him to France and proper order

  5. Mysterybeat

    What’s the deal with the interview in a park? tv3 is low budget, but jebus, a park bench and a polygraph?!

  6. Panty Christ

    I smelled a rat when I saw this guy on Ireland Am straddled by a pair of pugs on the couch and his pet dogs

  7. al

    paul byrne is playing a dangerous game here.

    satchwell has repeatedly said byrne is the only member of the press he trusts. but on one of his pieces last week after richard went to the search site byrne reported that it was richards idea to go to the site. but on the late late richard said it was paul byrne’s idea to go to the site. with paul byrne’s reputation, i’m inclined to believe satchwell.

    so byrne “suggested” to the prime suspect in a woman’s disappearance that he go to an active search site and then reported it was satchwell’s idea. and of course all his images and video were used as “Exclusives” .. of course they were exclusives … it was his idea! according to satchwell he set the whole thing up. that’s the definition of fake news!

    and now this BS about a lie detector test. it kinda feels byrne is either trying to get his own netflix series or he is trying to do the job of the gardai. paul byrne and tv3 need to be very very careful here they aren’t called into court themselves for interferring with a witness/case … unless of course the gardai and using byrne to get him to talk … that wouldn’t surprise me either. heard yesterday it took over 6 months to search his car.

  8. Kay

    Tv3 should Leave the man alone plus this fkr Byrne is exploiting the situation for his own ends.

  9. Truth in the News

    This has descended into a media circus, and one wonders who is manipulating who…?

  10. david

    Maybe he thinks if he has mass exposure and then is brought on murder charges it will be so publicized his legal team can use the he cannot get a fair trial due to the media exposure that could ensure no juries could be impartial
    But who knows what lurks in the brains of some people

    1. Nice Anne

      Judging a dead lass that can’t speak for herself?
      Don’t you want to be better than this?

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