‘Years In Isolation’


At Mount Trenchard Accommodation Centre.

In Foynes, Co Limerick.

Where – as of December 2017 – 83 single male asylum seekers were living…

Resident ‘Books‘ tweetz:

Mount Trenchard Accommodation Centre, due to depression a resident took his aggression out of the building. Mount Trenchard is a direct provision centre designed to turn perfectly healthy people into mental patients by keeping them here for years in isolation.

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25 thoughts on “‘Years In Isolation’

    1. ahjayzis

      Sweetheart – they just live there, they’re free to come and go hun oxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooo


  1. Jake38

    If they are genuine asylum seekers, grant them asylum. If they are not, deport them. Stop the endless legal gravy train.

  2. 7ollie

    noone should have to live in this situation for years.
    hear the application and either grant permission to stay or deport, no delays.
    mind you, where would someone who had their application approved actually live?
    also, why so many single males?

  3. Joe Small

    Direct Provision isn’t pleasant but the taxpayer have to pay for that damage. The Tweet above seems to absolve the guy who trashed the place from all blame. Like when prisoners trash a prison, its not their fault? Its the system?

    1. some old queen

      I think that’s the point. They are not prisoners but are being treated as such. I’ll go further and say that prisoners were presumed innocent until proven guilty while these people appear to be guilty until proven innocent.

      1. fergalfurious

        They’ve arrived in this country without the documents required to stay.
        If the law meant anything here they’d be deported back to the last port they came from as soon as they reached passport control. In accord with international law.
        If they’ve somehow arrived in Ireland direct from a warzone then that’s different.

        1. some old queen


          I’m not asking if you care, just how do the authorities follow your suggestion and depart back to the last port if they arrive from inside the EU? You are the one who is citing international law here so I assume you know something about it.

  4. david

    Thanks to round and rounds appealing judgements by them and the ambulance chasers finding rich pickings
    Each failed asylum seeker most probably costs the taxpayers several million euro

    1. ReproBertie

      Why stop there david? Sure if you’re just making stuff up you could just say that only for failed asylum seekers we’d most probably have enough money to build houses for everybody and 12 new hospitals.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    Was it here a young Korean mother hung herself in recent past? Leaving a small child an orphan? They get 17 euro a week to spend – I know food and rent is covered but can’t work , no dignity., depressing.

    1. ollie

      A Korean woman with mental health issues. What’s your point?

      I know plenty of people who took their own lives as do we all, I also know plenty of people who have less than €17 a week after they pay for food and rent, no dignity., depressing.

    2. david

      With work comes social security your right plus taxes and pension
      If a person is illegal its a legal nightmare
      If someone comes to a country illegally then the country has the right to send them packing
      These people have no checkable records so who are they?
      Only today in a paper Ireland is refusing to extradite someone to Poland citing human right laws
      and Poland is in the EU and like us subject to the same rules, so why? Maybe the massive legal industry around immigration etc is the clue like motor insurance etc
      I believe all deportation cases when failed within an hour deportation flight home
      They can appeal abroad

      1. some old queen

        Apart from the delays which are unacceptable, in what way is Ireland behaving differently towards immigrants that most other EU countries?

  6. gavin

    I agree the process should be speeded up either deport or allow them in to live a normal life….whats more shocking is the callousness and thinly veiled xenophobia of some on here

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