Gabriel Tuturuga, grabbed randomly off the streets of Dublin

The Irish Poker Open 2018.

Citywest Hotel, Dublin.

Sean Kenny writes:

Every year at the Irish Open Main Event there are a few left-field ideas generated in the feverish brains of the organisers that usually involve giving money or seats away.

People find themselves playing in this most welcoming of events that wouldn’t ordinarily play tournament poker at such a high buy-in – or even, in the case of Gabriel Tuturuga – at all.

The gentleman you see pictured being trained up in double-quick time on the Feature Table was head-hunted (grabbed randomly) off the street in Dublin, and presented with the opportunity to take part in Europe’s most prestigious event of the year.

He’s getting a crash course from prior Irish Open Main Event champion Ian Simpson, the Irish Open livestream commentator Andrew Hedley, Jason Glatzer and many others, before being launched straight into the Main Event.

He gets the full Irish Open outfit (bright green hoodie and hat), the same 30,000 chips as everyone else, plus an A4 cheat-sheet of the hand rankings of poker.

What could go wrong?

More as we get it.

Irish Poker Open

5 thoughts on “Dublin Hold’em

  1. postmanpat

    Now everyone knows he’s a newbie. They should have kept it a secret. Professional players might have mistaken his confused poker face as some kind of bluff-double bluff. Now they will know he’s crap at cards (relatively speaking) and eat him up in no time.

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