‘We’ve Only Lost One Test To The Scummy Irish’



A video showing England rugby’s head coach Eddie Jones saying ‘…we’ve only lost one test to the scummy Irish’ surfaced.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in July of last year but was played on Off The Ball yesterday and OTB posted it on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

Last night Mr Jones apologised.

Ireland faces England in the final round of the 2018 NatWest 6 Nations on Saturday.


Eddie Jones apologises for ‘scummy Irish’ slur (RTE)

Thanks Noel

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21 thoughts on “‘We’ve Only Lost One Test To The Scummy Irish’

  1. Murtles

    Certainly not the first time Jones engaged mouth before brain was in action. The fact the remarks were made over 7 months ago at a seminar and are only surfacing now before a crucial match is genius propaganda.
    Ireland for the Frand Jam (don’t want to hex it by saying or typing it).

  2. Jonjo

    It was because Ireland spoiled their Grand Slam last year. They’d already won the 6 Nations the week before though. Sound familiar :-o

    The guy behind him is Irish. It may have been crass but it was said in jest.

    1. Frilly Keane

      that’s more than fishy Rotter

      I know refs consult with teams regularly on a private gig arrangement, but usually off season or if the ref is not involved in any of their upcoming games etc

      but not one as closely connected as this

      Yer man will have to be stood down

  3. pok

    I could not care less what he thinks of us or says of us ; what he thinks is his business and as for what he says…you can only be insulted if you take the bait ; hope it spurs the boys on though

  4. Scundered

    It’s not as if you don’t hear anti English stuff in sport here. Pot kettle black, although disappointing when it’s officials to blame.

  5. Eoin

    Scummy? Hmmm. I don’t think his heart or brain were in this. I’ve never heard that one before. He should have stuck to the traditional national slurs like, inbred, stupid, drunk, cowardly etc.

  6. Neilo

    Sir, inbred, stupid, scummy and cowardly I may be but never drunk! *hic*


    Bejaysus O’Rourke

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