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      1. Frilly Keane

        Same day as NY DeBlasio declares it Gerry Adams Day, and Lord Leo only a handshake away from them as Gerry gets a fancy framed proclamation of his own

        You could make it up

        1. Neilo

          Gerry Adams Day…the Democratic establishment in NYC is to be scorned, rather than pitied.

    1. Raj

      Finally, someone calls Varadkar out as the incompetent he is. And O’Connor would know ALL about bullying.

  1. Peter Dempsey

    You’re not allowed say positive things about Brendan O’Connor. The Angry Left dislike him because he doesn’t hate landlords. Pussy Riot despise him too – probably because he doesn’t agree with everything they say.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ara doesn’t matter
      Saw it anyway

      In the queue in the Aldi/ Lidl

      Pretty thin skinned all the same
      Aren’t they

  2. some old queen

    Observer: Cambridge Analytica.

    This all sprang from a data analytics project within Cambridge University which profiled Facebook volunteer’s likes using I expect; an rule based AI expert system. The work did raise some eyebrows at the time because it was very new.

    Cambridge Analytica was involved in both the Brexit and Trump campaigns and Steve Bannon’s prints are all over it. Facebook come out of it looking really bad as they sat on their hands for so long and appear to be out of their depth,

    As profiles go, the person responsible is a pink haired 28 year old gay vegan Canadian nerd with ADHD and dyslexia whom like most geniuses, assumed his work would be for the greater good. Instead, it has been used for illegal purposes, in particular to attack the democratic process in both Britain and US.

    Put that in your conspiracy pipe Bodger. LOL.


    1. Frilly Keane

      Isn’t all that only proving that Bodger was right all along
      That Facebook was compromised

      Btw Oul’ Queen
      I see you’re at it again with the identity stereotyping
      You’ve gone full house there
      From appearance, to mental health to learning disabilities, to diet to sexuality
      There must be a bingo card full there

      You’re either an accident waiting t’happen
      Or the local Podcasters next guest

      1. Nigel

        Bodger only gets proved right if it can be shown that Clinton/Obama were behind it and benefiting from it. Everything about the story so far suggests exactly the opposite.

        1. Frilly Nation : The Rupture is real

          We’ll just have to wait a bit more
          Not long tho
          I have faith

          1. Nigel

            If the damp squib and naked lying of the Nunes memo didn’t teach you to temper your expectations, I expect it’s the waiting you’ve become addicted to.

      2. some old queen

        Note that I prefixed that list with ‘As profiles go’. You clearly don’t see the irony in profiling the profiler? It’s all in that Guardian piece btw.

        This is a conspiracy; a real live breathing one, currently being investigated by the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic. Granted that I have an interest in AI but this is light years more credible than #qanon or pizzagate or any other such nonsense because it actually makes sense. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that both if not products of this system, were of one very similar.

        1. Nigel

          Yeah. THIS is how stuff like qanon and pizzagate and feckin’ spirit cooking was propagated.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Every conspiracy has its’ suckers.

      Like Frilly said, Facebook was compromised and meddling did go on, regardless of who was doing the meddling for whoever’s benefit.

      It seems, everyone, on whatever side of this they were on, had a little bit of the conspiracy piece that they believed confirmed, and no one had their entire conspiracy confirmed… or so it appears.
      So, with regard to Facebook, it wasn’t Clinton or Obama nor was it the Russians.

      And to be honest, there’s not a single advertising or social media agency worth its salt that doesn’t do this – mining data for ticks in people’s personality to trigger purchases – already, in all fairness. It’s the fact it was done for a political gain that is unusual… imo.

      1. Nigel

        Well, two things, Clamps. Facebook wasn’t compromised or meddled with – this is how it works, this its operating model. It allowed a third party access to its data and relied on trust that it was not being retained and used – and it knew about this for a while.

        Second, though there are one or two odd Russian connections (the academic involved received a couple of Russian grants, apparently, but that could mean everything or nothing), this isn’t anything to do with the Russian side of things, really. This is to do with Cambridge Analytica. Which worked for Bannon and Trump. Inasmuch there was a conspiracy, it’s been unmasked and exposed and is plain to see. There’s no ‘both sides’ here, no ‘regardless of who was doing it.’ We know who was doing it, in fact most of this has been known for a while., this whistleblower just provided tons of corroborating material.

        So yes, one whole ‘conspiracy’ has been confirmed, and it’s pro-Trump, anti-Clinton. It’s not as sexy or wild as the deep-state pizzagate qanon stuff but then again one function of conspiracies like that is that they sideline and distract from the more mundane, dull, actual conspiracies like this one.

          1. Nigel

            So you think they’re lying and gave CA possibly tacit permission to retain and use the data beyond the agreement specified? Facebook was completely in the tank for Trump? Any proof or just cynical assumption?

          2. Clampers Outside!

            All three questions are reaching :) Really badly too…

            Let me explain, I’ll go slow….

            The article in The Guardian linked above and the linked article in it about how it was all done using an app says… “Facebook’s “platform policy” allowed only collection of friends’ data to improve user experience in the app….”

            First, see that bit where they were “allowed only collection…” that’s approved access for an app, and that has to be paid for. Facebook gets money for that, yes?

            Secondly, The Guardian article says they ran ads to target profiles, yes?

            How do you publish those ads on the platform without paying for them? The ads were paid for, yes?

            With regard to your questions, and the attempt to suggest that’s what I was on about is quite funny… hysterical even.

            Can you plse calm down, I hadn’t disagreed with you, please, thanks

            Enjoy the rest of the BH, good lad ;)

          3. Nigel

            Beg your pardon, you were reiterating something I said rather than elaborating on it. Fair enough.

  3. Shayna

    … talking about conspiracy theories, Russia accuse The British Government of formulating the nerve agent gas at Porton Down, just down the road a bit from Salisbury. Also, happy voting to our comrades in Russia today – it’s clearly all a bit up in the air, too close to call, some might suggest?

    1. some old queen

      What advantage would there be in Britain doing a false flag? Well it has taken Brexit out of the media for a start. Some sort of meddle in the Russian election to influence undecided against Putin maybe? That’s assuming they even heard of it because the Russian state media is so tightly controlled.

      I don’t see any advantage for Putin at this point. Unless it is to show what could happen once Britain leaves the EU but Russia has always been anti EU so they would be in favour of Brexit surely?

      God knows. All you have to do is look at the north’s history to see how dirty this sort of thing can get. Britain refusing to give a sample to Russia is odd mind. If Russia already has it then what difference would a sample make?

      1. Shayna

        Interestingly, you bring in Brexit, Some Old Queen – it’s was a disastrous move by a weak PM (Cameron) giving in to UKIP, to call a referendum on membership of the EU in the first place. I really don’t think that assassinating a Russian double agent to distract us, the civilians of Europe from the fact that the Brits have no idea how to exit from Europe is plausible. However, it seems to be working

          1. Shayna

            Did, surely it’s, “Remain Angry”? Interestingly, he said that Cameron had been offered to lower the voting age, as in Scotland, which would have secured a “Remain” victory?

  4. johnny

    Not much coverage off the 2,500,000 gift from irish state,which brings the total so far to $8.3 million to the Irish Arts Center in NY.

    Cant find current the IRS990 Forms that they are required to file.

    Checked the two main charity monitors in US,Charity Navigator and Foundation Center.

    Link to 2015 which appears to be most recent available ?

    It includes a payment to COMMUNITY COUNSELLING SERVICE,CAPITAL PROJECT CONSULTANT of 288,000,CCS Ireland is run by Derval Costello.


    1. petey

      admirable investigation, though the Irish Arts Certer is in fact a good thing, the support of which no-one need hide. amongst other, i saw frank and malachi there put on their two man show, A Couple of Blackguards, which was the basis of Angela’s Ashes.

  5. Johnny

    If it’s such a “good thing” why did they pay Derval Costello and CSS 288,000 to raise money,that’s just in 2015 !

  6. david

    So little Leo verruca has not realised yet that he put his big foot in his mouth
    I would say a massive legal case is being prepared by the wind farm company against the state
    Maybe the legal bill should be handed to varadka seen as he is oblivious to a little thing called corrupt planning decisions

    1. anne

      It’s not corrupt I’m informed.. it’s just sort of a nod & a wink, doing a favour for a billionaire friend, who actually picked up the phone & spoke to our little Leo, who was just awe struck that the likes of Trump would call him.

      1. david

        This is it
        Leo spilt the beans on national and international television
        His words his bragging

  7. Clampers Outside!

    Labour Brits be in meltdown over Corbyn’s hat, saying a hat was photoshopped to look Russian on Newsnight when all was done was the colour changes…
    Owen Jones’ looking like the numpty he is, once again :)

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