48 thoughts on “Housekeeping

    1. Bodger

      This is the sort of creepy, insensitive abuse that you mete out every day. What on earth is wrong with you?

          1. rotide

            nope never met him

            I know a few people he’s worked with as I’m sure he knows some people I work with

          2. Brother Barnabas

            JR actually stated his admiration for you on an episode of broadsheet on the telly – and that he’d like to buy you a pint.

          3. Woof Woof Frilly Keane

            ah now
            ya are a bit

            but I quite like that
            keeps standards up like

            but I have ta’ tell ye lads
            get yere trolling and wumming acts together
            ’cause yere feicin worse than useless lately

    1. Neilo

      Gotta tell ya, it was fun while it lasted. I had a comment deleted for use of the word ‘hauteur’. Who knew this was a cold house no longer for Francophobes?

  1. b

    i suppose when we look back at events in the cold light of day it should have been predictable that Leo wearing some funky socks would have finally tipped this place over the edge

    1. Boj

      Is that really all that happened? The little bold boys exchange on the cancer charity story?
      Jeez….now THAT’S a storm in a teacup!

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        I used to have a greyhound called storm In a teacup
        he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder and raced better with blinkers, otherwise he’d go for the other pups

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      I blame the eternal winter
      après Paddys day blues
      it being Wednesday
      No joke font
      and careless whispers

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