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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Germany yesterday

Varadkar said that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” and that he’s reassured by the depth of support from Germany, the EU’s most populous country.

Ireland can rely on us,” Merkel said.

In Brussels, European Council President Donald Tusk was upbeat about over all progress on Brexit before chairing a two-day summit starting Thursday.

“We have achieved success” on defending the rights of citizens hit hardest by Britain’s departure and the divorce bill that May’s government must pay, Tusk wrote in an invitation letter to the leaders.

He said that May has accepted the idea of “full regulatory alignment between Ireland and Northern Ireland if there is no other possibility to avoid a hard border. This bodes well for the rest of the negotiations.”

Germany reassures Ireland over Brexit border impasse (Washington Post)

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  1. Fact Checker

    Her press-given nickname is of course ‘Mutti’.

    I would have expected at least someone in BS to be familiar with the Berlin argot……

  2. GiggidyGoo

    All the waffle spake.
    May accepts ‘the idea’. That’s a long way off acceptance of any final legal document.
    ‘Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’ Varadkar own words. In other words, his backstop utterances aren’t worth the toilet paper that’s soiled with those utterances.
    But the prize for waffle of the day goes to the ‘Ireland can rely on us’ bit.

    1. ReproBertie

      “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” has been the position since day one but that doesn’t preclude positions being accepted on various issues. The right of EU citizens that live in the UK for one and the back stop position on the border for another. All this means is that if the UK can’t come up with a better solution as part of the on going talks then the reality will be NI being part of the same customs and regulatory union as Ireland with the border being between NI and the UK. The super fun part will be when the DUP realise that the border operatives at ports and airports in NI will be EU officials.

    2. Listrade

      Or in the words of Tory MP Douglas Ross on May’s capitulation: “There is no spinning this as a good outcome. It would be easier to get someone to drink a pint of sick than try to sell this as a success.”

      Looks like you chugged the pint and asked for seconds.

      Just for your own checklist, here are the non-negotiables May promised:
      1. A transition period will be about ‘implementing’ the future relationship, not negotiating it
      2. The UK will not pay money to the EU after March 2019
      3. The UK will not have to abide by EU rules during transition
      4. The UK will ‘take back control’ of fisheries policy
      5. Free movement will end in March 2019
      6. The UK will have new trade deals ready to come into force on 29 March 2019
      7. The implementation period would last for two years and should not be time limited

      As far as the deal went:
      1. Future relationship will be negotiated after the UK has left the EU, not during the transition.
      2. Payments to the EU will continue until 2064 (Article 128, page 75)
      3. The UK will have to abide by all EU rules and regulations including those agreed by members states during transition (Article 123, page 72)
      4. There will be EU access to UK waters on existing terms throughout the transition period ( Article 125, p.78)
      5. Free movement will continue during transition, (Article 122, p.74)
      6. The UK will not have any new trade deals ready to sign because they cannot even start negotiating them until the UK has left the EU (Article 124, p.77)
      7. The Government has agreed to a fixed transition period of just 21 months. All this does is extend the Brexit cliff-edge until 1 January 2021 – which is no way near enough time to negotiate the future relationship (Article 12, p.74)

      That’s 7 for 7 capitulations.

      And what May has formally accepted in the deal is a “backstop” and that backstop is to the EU’s terms. What she has accepted is that if there can’t be a suitable better deal to the Irish Border, then the backstop will apply. That backstop is outlined in an EU paper. It means if no other solution is agreed before all else is agreed, the border will default to full regulatory alignment.

      It doesn’t mean there will be full regulatory alignment, it means there is a safety net that if nothing suitable to the UK and Ireland can be agreed before the deadline, it will default to full regulatory alignment. That is what May has accepted.

      Of course you can spin it that she hasn’t agreed to it as there is still a year to find a solution that works for both and so the safety net won’t be needed. But she has agreed that in the absence of a deal, it will kick in.

      1. david

        She has signed nothing
        If she had the DUP would be pretty pissed
        In principle means nothing
        So sorry to shatter your illusion
        Northern Ireland is part of the UK not republic and subject to same deal post brexit

        1. Listrade

          You should mention the illusion bit to Rees-Mogg. He called the transition agreement unsatisfactory and said it was “hard to see what points the government has won”. Hmmm, if it means nothing, why’s he paddling down the Thames lobbing fish about? You could save him a lot of trouble by telling him it all means nothing.

          Or maybe it’s a shared illusion like yesterday when Gove got slaughtered in the Commons by…his own party (and the DUP). Seems like a lot of people directly involved are very upset by something you say means nothing and is an illusion.

          1. some old queen

            Just a FYI but the Rees-Mogg supporters are called ‘moggys’ it appears. Sounds about right.

          2. david

            That’s the spirit
            I assume the British people will love the language and applaud the EU and pro Europe supporters for stating how the British are being crushed
            It is exactly this posturing that will harden opinions
            Imagine if just before the good Friday agreement both the republic and the UK governments stated that they have crushed the Provo’s
            Imagine how sinn feinn would of relished such language
            Its only started and its going to get dirtier and dirtier
            Can you imagine how the people of Ireland will react with a EU border force
            Maybe this is an example of how the new European army is going to be used

          3. Brother Barnabas

            i understand you’re in the process of imploding, david, but standards nonetheless:
            ‘would have’, not ‘would of’

    3. david

      As long as Sinn feinn refuse to take up their seats I parliament they are powerless to influence anything
      So the orange card will dictate
      And it will dictate northern Ireland is in the UK and the border will be on the republic
      This is the reality
      Get ready for a hard border
      May will never instigate handing over part of the UK to another jurisdiction
      And I doubt any party in the UK will even labour
      Look at your passport and the words that mean every citizen has the right to be protected by their sovereign government

  3. Neilo

    Ireland can rely on carrying generations of debt to shield banks – many of them German – from the consequences of moral hazard. Ireland can also rely on us removing its competitive advantage as a small, open economy with favourable corporate tax rates.

  4. david

    The EU will negotiate on a brexit that suits
    The Baltic nations
    And then Ireland
    Who did I leave out
    None will live with the consequences for Ireland except Ireland
    God help us

    1. Neilo

      The other Visegrad countries? Malta? Scandinavia sans Norway? Bits and bobs of the former Yugoslavia? Poor aul’ Romania and Uncle Bulgaria? And Holland won’t be besht pleashed to learn you’ve harshed their mellow, either. I’m certain I left out a few as well :)

    2. ReproBertie

      You completely misunderstand how the EU works. The EU are pushing for an agreement that is for the benefit of the EU as a whole.

      The EU line on Sasamach and the border is Ireland’s line because they asked us and we told them while the British Taoiseach was busy chanting about Sasamach meaning Sasamach and strong stable leadership.

      All that set aside for a moment, you regularly call for “Micky” to save us. Let’s say for a moment that FF pulled their support, we had a snap election and “Micky” finds himself in the big chair. What exactly would you have him do differently?

        1. ReproBertie

          And post Sasamach Northern Ireland will remain part of the UK but, unless the British Taoiseach can come up with a better solution, will have a border between it and the rest of the UK.

          1. ReproBertie

            And none of your glib comment answers the question about what you think “Micky” would do differently.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Do you honestly believe what you wrote. The UK will have a border internally? A border separating itself from itself? That would be some precedent and would theoretically enable the capability of establishing more internal UK borders. I doubt the legislation exists, or will exist for that.

          3. some old queen

            It’s actually very simple. If there is a problem with a border then redefine the definition of said border. NI Remains with EU, as is the democratic wish of the people, even though jurisdiction remains. People border is in sea. Nobody is talking about the second part as it is a done deal already btw.

          4. ReproBertie

            It’s what they’ve agreed to as the fall back unless they can come up with something better. NI would be like Hong Kong used to be.

            Of course the plan would be to come up with something better, like cancelling Sasamach for example, but the onus is on them to do so.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            the Backstop ‘agreement’ was to enable moving on with the discussions. If May didn’t ‘agree’ to it, then we’d still be at square 1. However, once the discussions hit the brick wall, and they will, May will say (as members of the conservatives have intimated), that the backstop was an ideology only. It isn’t a legal thing as far as i’m aware. if it is, i’d like to know the actual legislation reference.

      1. david

        For a start at all negotiations the Irish must be present and part of the team
        Not on the side lines
        A guarantee from the EU that no EU border force are on our border
        Also if this country suffers as a result of a hostile situation and any acts causes damage to this country we must be compensated
        If not we go as well taking our fishing grounds and the EU debt is erased
        We cannot do anything to damage our relationship with the UK as a result of hostility against the UK by the EU

    3. some old queen

      Except for the fact that ROI has the only land border with UK AND has an international treaty regarding NI. But do carry on david, as you were, every single day, talking Ireland down, the end is nigh etc…

      Oh and btw. Having a gay brother does make you immune to homophobia. In fact, being gay yourself does not make you immune to homophobia. We are all homophobic, just some more than others. We all sit somewhere on that gradient scale.

        1. Papi

          And he’s been to space, he owns two dinosaurs and has only imaginary friends, but they are super cool.

          1. italia'90

            I noticed last week you didn’t observe Shabbas?
            And then you make reference to Kristal Nacht??
            Pretty sure you’re a goyim.

          2. david

            If you were Jewish you would say Shabbat
            For your knowledge if Israel observed Shabbat the country would close down for one day
            If Israel would of stoped its troops defending Israel on Shabbat well Moshe
            Israel would not exist
            Silly boy

          3. italia'90

            You say Shabbat, I say Shabbas (Tomatoe/Tomato)
            They’re both Kosher, but you’re Jewish and you know that already.
            Perhaps you don’t? hmmmmmm

      1. david

        Wake up for god sake
        Northern Ireland is part of the UK
        And as such subject to the same deal
        That is the reality and if you think otherwise look back to the troubles and the violence
        As for international treaties they are only valid when all parties keep to them
        This treaty existed before brexit
        Brexit is what we are talking of and the repocussions for our country as the EU screw the UK
        We are only 5% say in Europe and beholden to the German banks
        An example of our relationship with Europe was the troika
        We wee screwed
        So grow up the big boys are playing and sadly varadka is clueless
        Majority rule and we will take what Europe dishes out
        Last time Europe as one was under Hitler and look how that ended
        As for homophobic quite ignorant comment akin to a spoilt brat when he or she dose not get their way

        1. Nigel

          The only people screwing the UK are the UK, though they’re obviously trying to screw us too, in passing.

          1. david

            No Nigel
            When finally we see whats the reality we will find our politicians have ensured any bridge we have with the UK is burnt
            Our leadership are being led down the road and are being used
            Ever wonder what will happen post brexit with a hostile relationship with the UK
            Imagine if Sinn feinn go back to their old ways
            Ever look at the big picture?
            I do and my concerns are screaming out at me

          2. Nigel

            The bridges are being burned because the UK is self-immolating. Stop blaming everyone but the UK for the mess the UK is making.

            I do like how the pro–Brexit line has gone from We Are Marching To A Glorious Future It’ll Be Easy to We Are Spiraling Down The Winding Way To Hell Why Did You Make Us Do This Aaargh.

      2. david

        Actually we are not all homophobic or racist or anti Semitic
        These are the put down arguments when you cannot argue
        Much like belittling people
        As for our treaty as in the GFA
        this was achieved by the republic the UK the USA and political parties in the north as well as paramilitaries
        I cannot remember a direct impute from the EU with the EU officials directly involved or did I miss something
        The treaty is recognised internationally by the UN
        Saying that so is the agreements regarding palestinians which paddy seems to moan about Israel is in violation
        but dose the violence stop? No

        1. some old queen

          Then by all means make you points but without using childish names to do exactly that, belittle people?

          Now, whether the EU were involved in the GFA is irrelevant. It exists and it is binding. May has agreed to the safety net which should be no big deal if they don’t crash and burn. And if they do, they will have way bigger problems than Ireland because the British economy will tank like never before.

          1. david

            Well tell Junker and co for they seems to be stating the EU were involved
            The fact the EU were not involved is relevant because the GFA directly involved us not Europe
            You forget pre EURO the British economy did not tank and the propaganda that because the UK was not part of the eurozone as in euro their currency would implode
            A whole world exists outside Europe

      3. david

        The problem is a border exists separating two nations
        That border is the border until the British decides to hand over northern Ireland to the EU
        Now seriously please explain why the UK should or what right has the EU to expect this?
        Now please explain this to me ?
        Brexit is the UK leaving the EU including its borders
        This is the reality
        You are looking for something that impacts on the sovereignty of a nation
        Its like Germany moving its border 50 miles or so inland to suit the wants of another nation
        It will not happen
        Wars are caused for less
        This is brexit this is the reality and this is why Ireland cannot leave others to negotiate on their own regarding our future

        1. Nigel

          You should have been in the UK explaining this issue to Brexiteers before the referendum, rather than explaining it now to us, who are well familiar with it, over and over again, it might really have made a difference.

          1. david

            Well the EU sent Cameron packing pre referendum
            We now see the implications as a result of an unbending Reich
            The people in the UK spoke
            The fact is I am Irish and not British
            And I actually care about my nation
            I do not go on for the ride wearing the green jersey
            I expect more from our leaders not a pack of sheep
            As a Jew I saw exactly what happened when Jews let others guide them and protect them
            And look at the result
            I have not seen any sign that our leaders are acting in Ireland interests just Europe interests led down the road with promises
            There is too much at stake and remember the crash and the retrospective deal
            The bomb going off in Dublin threats the bank debt the troika
            Well if that is your friends then imagine your enemies

        2. ReproBertie

          The GFA means free movement of people and goods. Sasamach means a border between the EU and UK which, if it is on the island of Ireland, is in breach of the GFA. Ireland has made this position clear to the EU and the EU has gone into the negotiations with the UK with their position, which is Ireland’s position, clear on the matter.

          If the UK want out they have to come up with a solution that means no hard border on the island of Ireland but also satisfies all the criteria of a UK/EU border. The current position on that is that the border is in the Irish Sea. The UK has signed up to this as the final position failing another solution being agreed upon. Your inability to understand this doesn’t make it any less true.

          There is already a border between NI and GB. It’s the one that denies people in NI the rights that people in GB have.

          1. scottser

            The UK government will in all likelihood renege on the GFA. the subsequent mess will leave us with one of two scenarios:
            1. a border with NI, staffed by the EU, much to the satisfaction of DUP and tories.
            2. a border poll, leading to NI ceding from the UK and either staying in the EU as a sovereign state or joining us.

  5. Jimmey_russell

    only bigoted and racist brexiteers are saying Ireland is being used as a club to beat the English over the head with, Ireland is a vital and important member of the EU our voice would be heard regardless of whether we had a conveniently placed land border with the United Kingdom or not.

    1. david

      The UK is not England
      It is Scotland, England, Wales, and northern Ireland
      Northern Ireland is not part of the republic and now thanks to brexit the dream of a united Ireland is more distant than ever.
      The biggest danger will be the likes of Sinn Feinn and their nemeses returning to old ways
      That is how serious it is so take off the blinkers

      1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

        Without Gerry and Martin to keep the loons in check it would not take much for it to kick off again

        1. david

          Well said and as I remember it was under fine Gael the peace process faulted
          As well as that democratic left
          It took an election in the UK and Ireland before sinn feinn came round fact

  6. Woof Woof Frilly Keane

    C’mere lads
    with all yere big talk and throwing shapes around here today

    how is it nonnah ye copped that this should have been a Caption Competition?
    Come on lets have ye
    were ye all too worried about ticking off Leo?
    Or upsetting him?

    Seems to me he’s convalescing this week and ye’re his home helps

          1. david

            How can I belittle Leo
            He has done a great job of belittling this nation
            Would you prefer I use the term Leo(the cheque is in the post) varadka

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