Darragh Ó Tuathail writes:

New route for the Metro announced yesterday. Hang on, is this not the 3rd or 4th time they’ve announced this ‘new’ metro? Something for the gov to dust off and show how they are ‘investing’ in the future…



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27 thoughts on “Route One

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    The MetroLink is an unambiguously good thing for Dublin which we deserve without further delay.
    (notwithstanding some tweaks and planning to accommodate Na Fianna GAA, affected homeowners, etc).
    Hopefully work gets started on it before the next bust comes.

    1. david

      And the price?
      Some quote 2.7 billion plus VAT some 3 billion plus VAT
      Now in all seriousness the port tunnel cost 750 million and this is at least 4 times the length
      As well as that Dublin has a maze of underground tunnels which apparently when building the luas caused streets to collapse
      As usual the final cost will rocket and unless the tenders are made complete for the price quoted and put safety nets in place to ensure they do not go into liquidation such a costly project for the capital cannot be done at the expense of other projects to benefit the taxpayers located in the countryside

  2. ReproBertie

    Was thinking you might go with Na Fianna Fail for this one given the ridiculous imposition that is being placed on one of the biggest GAA clubs in the country (to say nothing of the two schools beside it).

    See that Glasnevin stop? On Six One yesterday RTÉ said the Metro would join up with commuter trains at Glasnevin station. Of course there is no Glasnevin station but maybe that’s part of the plan too.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      That is part of the plan too.
      At Cross Guns bridge (there hasn’t been a station since 1910), the Metro intersects with the Sligo / Maynooth line & the Phoenix Pk tunnel to Heuston. The Glasnevin station will interconnect with all of these. Its a very good idea.

      1. b

        It is a massive imposition on Na Fianna but looking at the map i don’t see a way around it if you need to put a station along that area? Hopefully they can be accomodated somewhere else and compensated well. It’s impossible to put in such large piece of infrastructure without putting some people out

      2. ReproBertie

        Very interesting. It’s the track behind the Porter House, right? Not the one beside the canal.

        1. ____

          The Sligo line goes to the north of the porter house and the PP Tunnel line to the south (beside the canal). They’ll be adding a lot more services to the PPT line going into the Docklands station to help relieve congestion at Connolly.

          Putting a station there means you’ll be able to transfer between the 3 lines.
          Much better thinking than the previous plan

    2. ____

      I understand that it sucks for Na Fianna and will be a challenge for them…but really, I don’t see how they can be so short-sighed to ask the route to be changed.

      It’s only temporary, will be huge boost to their whole community for at least the next century and opposing it only means that their members and future members will suffer.

      …and what’s the alternative? Surely boring anywhere else would cause a lot more, and probably permanent, hardship for others.

  3. Spud

    I don’t get why it’s following the green route Southbound?
    Surely it makes sense to have the Metro south part in an area not served by the luas, and those on the greenline can join the metro at St Stephens Green?

    1. b

      the metro stop will be the other side of stephens green to the luas stop so not a quick interchange

      think this plan is a tacit admission that the Luas is not fit for purpose for the volumes that need to travel on the line, if you want to get from Ranelagh to O’Connel St, why would you take the Luas now?

    2. phil

      If I remember the old plan, the Southside would get their Luas, and the Northside would get the Metro… So they started with the Southside, then they ‘ran out of money’ and Metro North was canned.

      I suspect if they go ahead with the Metro, it will start again in the Southside and will probably run out of money once the reach the river again.

      I know this will annoy a lot of you but I think there is some sort of class warfare involved in these projects.

      Its like Dublin Airport, The main runway causes planes to descend over portmarnock , and the B runway is only to be used when they are cleaning runway A, or crosswinds causing a problem with runway A, I found out recently when the New runway was to be built it would increase traffic over portmarnock. The good people of portmarnock have been kicking up some fuss over that and it seems to me runway B is being used far more than it used to be in the past … I could be dreaming the whole thing but it feels that way…

      1. ____

        The green line was always supposed to become part of the metro. They built the tracks to that standard for that exact reason.

        The luas was started first because it was cheaper and easier to get going.

  4. Brother Barnabas

    would be nice to have a station at croke park with a direct link to the city centre and heuston too
    and would be nice to see broadstone brought into it in some way

    1. ReproBertie

      Doesn’t the line going from the soon to be introduced Glasnevin stop and the Drumcondra stop run under the Davin? I seem to half remember some nonsense about costs around it not being built in the past. It would be very handy for all those Westmeath fans coming up for Leinster finals.

  5. dav

    The most important piece of tunnelling was the proposed link fro Heuston to Pearse st Station, but because it was Irish rail, it was dropped.

      1. dav

        but it won’t be done at the same time as this one, meaning it will be decades before it’s started and will involve more years of disruption around Stephens green for example, as it was intended to place and underground dart stop there.

        1. ____

          Well…I’m too scared to even guess about timelines.

          It’s encouraging that the DART is expanding outside it though and this should help push the case for it eventually happening. I think we’ll see less traffic being routed around Stephens green in the mean time anyway so it might not be such a big issue by the time it happens.

    1. Junkface

      The city planners have made a terrible mess of the Transport services by adding more LUAS lines in a very congested city already. Dublin has quite a large population (and growing) for its size and the only thing that will improve congestion is an underground rail system. They should have realised this 15 years ago and chose that over the LUAS. No solutions can be found above ground unless they build elevated railway lines and platforms all over the city. Which would be a bigger mess

    2. david

      Yep and as usual it will be a cock up
      I can see it now
      And when the flooding occurs due to non existent flood defences what then?
      Maybe make the trains aquatic

  6. Donal

    nice to see some positive comments and actual facts around this announcement.

    The Glasnevin stop really is key. It means that everyone on the Sligo line will have a one change journey to the airport – that is massive. And everyone on the Westport, Galway, Limerick, Cork and Waterford lines will have two change access to the airport which is really good. Look at it from that point of view and its also a massive project for rural Ireland. You can get on a train in Athenry and in 2.5 hours arrive in Dublin Airport (change at Heuston West and then Glasnevin)

    (Everyone on the Belfast and Wexford line will also have one change access via the station at Tara Street.)

    It is the millionth time that this has been announced but the important thing is to get construction started and financed before the next crash

  7. Neilo

    You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.

    1. david

      Can you blame anyone for having a dig
      Its fact that during the construction of the luaus many businesses nearly went bang because of the disruption
      the biggest loaded gun is the cost that suddenly rockets
      I doubt this will cost less than 7 billion and the cost to businesses by disruption will also be billions
      And when brexit happens well that fiscal space will be the size of a pea
      I could safely say this project is doomed before it starts

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