50 thoughts on “The Light Brigade

  1. dav

    ah, someone wants to discredit the service after all the good news they got over the last few days.

    1. italia'90

      Not really Dav, but you forgot to mention how much one of the blushirts saved by having Dublin Firebrigade do this little favour.
      I know how much I would have quoted for that job and it’s not cheap.

      1. dav

        the blushirts would have given the contract to siteserve who’d then turn off the lights until money was paid to them… Don’t you guys in the SCUM unit know anything??

    2. david

      In west cork a tree blocked our road for 7 days why?
      Well council men are not allowed to use any chainsaw due to health and safety
      A contractor was given the job for skibbereen to clonakilty
      I would say health and safety dictates either a cherry picker with trained crew or the scaffold
      So the cheaper option was the fire department
      This is the bull shit the world lives in where a simple task costing 10 euros now costs 1000 euro

  2. cupantae34

    Obviously whatever is necessary to do the job safely. I think the Fire Service are the last people who should bashed after their phenomenal work this week in Ballymun.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          if by ladder, you mean penis – possibly. my penis is around average length – a little over when fully erect. I gleaned this from cursory internet research (conducted several years ago). i haven’t measured since i was around 15, though. i’m told it’s of very satisfactory girth. i’m also regularly told that it’s aesthetically pleasing. and from what i’ve seen, i do think it’s a nice looking knob. and i make an effort to keep it clean etc. but i don’t think it’s necessarily true that firemen have large penises.

          1. Nigel

            Brother Barnabas there performing an excerpt from his new one-man show The Penis Monologues.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            If you make a fold across your kneecap it looks like a vadge.
            That was one of my pub tricks back in me youth. Hilaires.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            nice indeed

            novelty pub/vagina trick: half-purse, half-pucker lips, place carefully on rim of new pint of guinness (decent head required) and blow gently but steadily. you’ll have a perfect vagina across the head. quite uncanny.

          4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            What does a lady of the night say after giving a bj?
            *dip nose into guinness*
            That’ll be €2.50 please.

          5. The Old Boy

            Friday evening in Broadsheet Towers, like a bunch of schoolchildren watching the clock.

  3. scottser

    it does beg the question why the fire service are doing essentially a council function, which the council would usually tender out to a private contractor to do.

  4. george

    If there was less than a full crew there they would not be able to respond to an emergency. If two men were doing this job the rest of them would be left without a fire engine and would be sitting around the station,

    1. Owen


      I thought this was common knowledge. When the fire service leave the base they always bring a full crew of the vehicle in the event they are called to a further event while out. Ireland does not have the resources to have additional idle crews and vehicles. This has been flagged frequently over the past decade or so.

    1. Nigel

      One to change the bulb and the other seven to not be in danger of burning to death or dying of smoke inhalation.

    2. scottser

      why was the fireman’s wife angry?
      she got a ladder in her tights!

      where’s me washboard, eh?

  5. RuilleBuille

    Typical of posh boy O’Callaghan to mock the emergency services. These firemen probably couldn’t tell a Bordeaux from a Burgundy so O’Callaghan thinks they are beneath him!.

  6. Andrew

    Was this posted by Jim O’Callaghan the Fianna Faíl T.D. and brother of Miriam, our next President?

  7. The Old Boy

    If the fitting had become loose or in any way a danger to the public than of course it’s a job for the Fire Brigade. Who are we to second-guess?

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