Is This An Ad? How Is This Not An Ad?


An 8 page supplement about  ‘Creative Youth’ published in the Irish Independent December 8th 2017

More importantly.

Who paid for it?

Steve White writes:

Josepha Madigan Minister for Arts says of the supplement:

No cost was incurred by my Department in the production of the supplement on creative youth in the newspaper on 8 December 2017…The content, design, layout and print costs were all a matter for that publication.”

The Irish Times published a 28 page supplement on Creative Ireland on 13 December 2017. The cost of that supplement was €34,744. This funding came out of the Creative Ireland Programme budget..

So incredible was the view that they Department of Culture didn’t pay for the Independent supplement, it’s the second time this question has been asked…

So…The Department of Education didn’t pay for it nor did the or the Department of Children nor the Arts Council. Not even the Deparment of the Toiaseach…


11 thoughts on “Is This An Ad? How Is This Not An Ad?

  1. Liam Deliverance

    That’s not Josepha Madigan, unless she has suddenly aged by about 20 years since her GE election posters.


  2. Frilly Keane

    who wrote it
    who type setted it – is that the thing they do? to lay it out and doll it up like

    who inserted it into the publication
    and who distributed it

    cause none of that was done for free

  3. A person

    Christ on a bike. Seriously, can no snow flake in this country tell if something is pr or not. If not, don’t read the newspapers.

    1. Ron Dolan

      By snowflakes do you mean people who get upset by other people being upset?

      As I am not upset logic dictates that you are a snowflake and as such are attacking yourself.

      Take a seat there, comfy, OK – how did the article make you feel?
      Sad? Confused? Excited?
      Would you like a biscuit?

      1. A person

        None of the above. Annoying the amount of fake outrage over nowt, and that’s what I mean by snow flakesi.e gobsh**s

  4. david

    Could not see any photos of homeless children in it
    It says we will give every child in the country exposure to the arts and culture in the school but not a home
    All political spin
    This must of cost hundreds of thousands of euro

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